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This federal election the CDP is running candidates in all states.

In NSW for the Senate The CDP is standing with Nella Hall as the lead candidate. Nella brings a wide portfolio of experience in law, accounting and community action. Nella is running on justice and fair treatment for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. An intelligent, compassionate lady with understanding of the community. One Law For All. – One Man And One Woman marriage.


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Are We Serving The Unemployed Well?

Are We Serving The Unemployed Well?

Are We Serving The Unemployed Well?


The experiment of the privatized employment agencies does not seem to have been as successful as it is claimed. I recall my experience of unemployment where no assistance was offered as I was not a “hardship case”  as I was not eligible for any benefit from the department and thus it  was a waste of my time going there. I signed nothing as I questioned all papers I was requested to sign. I eventually did a taxi driver training course at my own expense and have been driving taxi ever since. I had thought this is a problem waiting to happen and with general unemployment of over 12.7% in Newcastle as well as youth unemployment over 20.4% also in Newcastle, AND IT SEEMS IT IS!

There are so little jobs to go around with the shutdown of so much of the manufacturing and fabrication industries in the area and the total dependence on the mining, health and the education sector for most jobs in this area. We need to find out what is going on and the 4 Corners clip below show a real problem and there is more as well.


What should our response be!

We need a full enquiry into the whole program and if it is not fixable to be shut down and revamped or even returned to the Government sector. 

It is immoral to make money out of struggling unemployed who are looking for the elusive job, and then to penalise them when disillusionment sets in.

There are training programs for cleaners for hotels (domestic staff) where a significant amount of the program is unsupervised cleaning hotel rooms two to three days a week for a local hotel chain and as there is several courses happening at a time; It means that the day of classroom for one group is the day of practical work experience for others and so the hotel needs not employ man if any cleaning staff. As this is work experience no payment is made at all. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

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