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This federal election the CDP is running candidates in all states.

In NSW for the Senate The CDP is standing with Nella Hall as the lead candidate. Nella brings a wide portfolio of experience in law, accounting and community action. Nella is running on justice and fair treatment for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. An intelligent, compassionate lady with understanding of the community. One Law For All. – One Man And One Woman marriage.


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It’s Time Fightback Against Fires Now

It’s Time Fightback Against Fires Now

Fightback Against Fires

Bushfires 1

Australia is a large dry country that is capable of massive fires unless deliberate and decisive steps are made to effectively manage this land we are entrusted to look after we will see repeated disasters year after year. Each summer we hear about bush fires and we so often see their devastation on our television screen or in the papers but that pales into insignificance when you or I stand where a home once stood or a business once traded or even animals grazed; or even rescuers that have the horrid task of identifying the charred remains of a person trapped in a devastating fire. This should not always be the way we spend summer and as such we must have a plan to take charge and to stop being the victims of such devastation. There are things we must as a people put in place to manage the real problem of fires both in the bush and in built up areas.

Bushfires 4

Plans for the fightback:

  1. Firebreaks need to be re-introduced for all properties in Australia. – Firebreaks will almost never stop a fire but give firefighters a fighting chance to manage a fire and then to put the fire out. Some years ago Western Australia had in place regulations that compelled firebreaks to be in place by not latter than 1st of November each year or penalties would apply. In my view, it is about time for these regulations were reintroduced across the whole country in a strong effort to manage fires across the whole country.
  2. Management of the combustible material in forests and other locations so as to prevent high temperature and prolonged out of control fires. A better managed plan of hazard reductions programs on all public and private lands. Because many fires are started by lightning strikes and we must take the upperhand by reducing the intensity of fires from lightning strikes with the removal of excessive combustible material.
  3. Greater care and management of all water resources, including those in remote location, so as to have available resources to fight any fire outbreaks as they occur.
  4. The amalgamation of many city based fire stations, with view of saving money; as well as the inadequate funding Rescue and Fire Fighting Services must cease as we need to control and extinguish each and every outbreak of a fire as speedily as possible. Penny pinching in this area is extremely poor management; as it is just like having an effective insurance policy that limits devastation instead of just picking up the pieces after the full and total devastation of fires.
  5. Building codes particularly in close proximity to bushy areas need careful examination including potentially a watering system to lesson risks of fires penetrating the roof space of houses and other buildings. Many bush fires gain ignition in the roof space of buildings as leaf litter can gather there and sparks can cause the the commencement of a roof space fire and the dampening of such areas should in most cases prevent any ignition.
  6. Homesteads and other outbuildings need to be at safe and defensible position away from potential bush fire risks. (I recall from my youth, while our house on a property was in heavily bushy area and many bush fires would attack our property never once was our house endangered due to maintaining of safe and defensible area surrounding our house.)
  7. Mining and other large scale businesses must be compelled to effectively manage the their operations in such a way that excessive water use will be curtailed and strong and effective fire prevention methods will be maintained.
  8. Sparking from electricity transmission lines is a major source of fire outbreaks and so an effective plan to place transmission lines underground and more diligent in the clearing of vegetation from beneath the transmission lines to reduce the risk to as close to no risk as possible. 
  9. Strong and effective education programs regarding fire safety and the prevention of fires including the extent of the devastation that fires cause to our personal lives and our environment.
  10. The penalties for deliberately starting fires by children or adults need stronger penalties with a strong restorative justice program within the penalties and the recovery from the devastation. Even the responsibility or leaving a fire unattended must be reflected in penalties associated with such lack of carefully extinguishing the fire before leaving. The emphasis must be on restoring all people back into a robust and strong community minded spirit and preventing any future destruction of property and life of either people or our unique wild life.

bushfire arson

bushfire arson.1 PNG

Bushfires 6

To see less of this happening so we must fightback!

Bushfires 12

The reasons for the strong resolve we must have!

Bushfires 10

Our wildlife depend upon the extent of our resolve!

Bushfires 11

We do not want to see any of this happening again!

Bushfires 7

I need your support to put in place processes that will deliver a far better and a far reaching outcomes to protect our homes, our farms, our businesses, our wildlife, our vegetation and our environment. Can I depend upon your support? Both me and my political party will need your support and that of your friends and acquaintances to be able protect all the things that are important to you and your families. 

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