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This federal election the CDP is running candidates in all states.

In NSW for the Senate The CDP is standing with Nella Hall as the lead candidate. Nella brings a wide portfolio of experience in law, accounting and community action. Nella is running on justice and fair treatment for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. An intelligent, compassionate lady with understanding of the community. One Law For All. – One Man And One Woman marriage.


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Some thoughts on this week in politics…

Leadership being taken to defend young girls

Leadership being taken to defend young girls

True leadership – defending young girls

There are times we must congratulate true leadership in a place where it is not expected in the defence of young girls. In many Muslim and African countries child brides are common. Into this world come a hero for young girls who has the capacity to make a real difference and does it in a strong way. Praise God for this leader of strength and moral values in a world running away from standing for anything wholesome. Out of Africa a true leader rises to free the youth of her people from sex slavery and into the capacity to choose education and a wholesome and meaningful life.


Theresa Kachindamoto, the senior chief in the Dedza District of Central Malawi, wields power over close to 900,000 people… and she’s not afraid to use her…
This is the leadership that is needed in Australia to confront the evil and put right that has been broken and destroyed. Into Australian politics we have defiled all the wholesomeness that once was there and we now need to reclaim that which we have lost and cast aside. We need men and women who want to step up to the challenge and to take on the corruption, the immorality, the lawlessness and to say “Enough is enough! It is now time to reestablish the morality that will make our nation proud and to stand strong in our world. We need to take back control and to rid the nation of the corruption. We need to take back our values and to shun the immorality all around us. We need to take control of our streets and rid the nation of the lawlessness.
Are you with me???? 

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