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This federal election the CDP is running candidates in all states.

In NSW for the Senate The CDP is standing with Nella Hall as the lead candidate. Nella brings a wide portfolio of experience in law, accounting and community action. Nella is running on justice and fair treatment for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. An intelligent, compassionate lady with understanding of the community. One Law For All. – One Man And One Woman marriage.


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Newcastle Cruising Terminal

Newcastle Cruising Terminal

Newcastle Cruising 

The whole process is not the best option as we are looking at a proposal that is, it seems, just for shipping and that the site is not a direct connect to the centre of the city. I have proposed in the past for a multi-function style building on Honeysuckle Drive with a direct connect to the city via Honeysuckle as well the rail service of the potential steam tours of the Hunter Valley via the old rail line (revamped) to Cessnock with a mew link through the vineyards connecting to the Singleton line. This would be a far more enhanced investment for many good reasons, including: potential for longer stays in the harbour, utilizing the building outside of the tour shipping season, giving visitors greater freedom of access to the city directly from the ship. I have been on a number of cruises and it is always most helpful if there is a more direct access to the city one visits from a passengers point of view. We can do much better than this Sydney imposed plan.   


It would be better if it was Newcastle’s Plan for the City of Newcastle. After all it is money raised from here that is paying for it; Mike Baird is not being generous h is just returning a few crumbs stolen from here!


The ships could tie up much closer if this was well thought through. Position is always the best but we do not have any overall plan to apply to the city and the way development infrastructure and transport will complement each other. Neither the Premier or any member of his government understand the importance of excellent planning so as to have complementary outcomes for all to benefit the most.


We need a wider variety of entertainment in our city so as to bring vibrant night life into the city and a multifunction centre on Honeysuckle drive would have given a good and strong direction towards such a goal. The lockout laws are best handled by having a large variety of nighttime entertainment so as the emphasis on alcohol will change and then to will the violence also naturally decline.

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