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This federal election the CDP is running candidates in all states.

In NSW for the Senate The CDP is standing with Nella Hall as the lead candidate. Nella brings a wide portfolio of experience in law, accounting and community action. Nella is running on justice and fair treatment for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. An intelligent, compassionate lady with understanding of the community. One Law For All. – One Man And One Woman marriage.


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Show UsThe Australian Honey

Show UsThe Australian Honey

Australian Only Honey

It seems that blended honey is potentially bringing potential health problems into Australia. It seems to me that the risks are great and so we should just use Australian only honey. The use of Australian own honey will mean the apiary workers will be able to monitor the health of our bees. The health of our bees will affect the pollination of much of our plants and so the production of honey has a strong secondary advantage for the Australian plants which is a major food source for all Australians.

If a company wants to import honey then it must be disclosed on the label so all Australians can know where the honey is coming from. This is both fair and reasonable.


Do you support Australian only honey?

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