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Federal Policies – one page statements

Law and Order:

Law and order is a foundation of the society’s social order and as such needs to be balanced with a moral social code, an effective law enforcement, and efficient judiciary and a wise penal system that seeks to restore convicted persons to become good contributors to society.  

Law and Order – One Law for All

Law And Order One Law For All Public Servants

Law and Order – Restorative Justice

Law and Order – One Law for All -Freedoms

Law and Order – Face Coverings

Law and Order – Child Abuse

Law and Order – Crime Prevention

Law and Order – Australian Human Rights Commission

Law and Order – Section18C Racial Discrimination Act


The economic decisions of a community determine the financial well being of each person in that community and from our standpoint a community’s economy is in serious trouble if the least qualified persons are unable to get a meaningful and sufficiently remunerated job that will give a balance between work and non work times.

Economy – Taxation

Economy – -Taxation – GST

Economy- Taxation – Negative Gearing

Economy – Business

Economy – Tax payer funding of the ABC AND SBS


Education must be about informing and training students towards life beyond the education system without indoctrination and attempting to manipulate into a social changing construct. The so called 3R’s must be a strong foundation of the education system.

Education general

Education – early

Education – high school

Education – tertiary


Employment is important to be able have the funds to be able to supply the essentials of food, clothing, housing and health and so it is important that the employment policies deliver jobs to all in the community and so the balance between new technologies that reduce manual labor in processes and meaningful employment.

Employment – Jobs

Employment – Penalty Rates


Our living world is the environment in which we live and we must live in whatever we do to the environment; therefore if we pollute it we must live in it ourselves and suffer the consequences of that polluted environment. The serious state of the situation is demonstrated when in 1988 the government was informed certain toxic firefighting foam is dangerous to the health of humans and only in 2018 is the government acting on that advice it is not good enough at all – see: TOXIN BAN – Newcastleherald Digital Editions, 1_5_2018

Environment general

Environment – Toxic Pollution

Environment – Climate Change

Social Security:

Social Security – General

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Social Security – Age Care


Housing – Affordability


We purchase products that are packaged by the words written on the label and as such this information must be able to be depended upon, we will pursue policies for accurate labelling of all packaged products.

Food Certification and Labelling

Genetically Modified food products


Health care should be about sustaining life in the best circumstances possible and as such process in health practice and health research that maintain poor health and do not seek to produced recovery from the health incident are not to be encouraged in the long term. We know that we can not always move straight to fully recovery but we strongly encourage research towards full recovery wherever possible.


Health – Pro Life Policy

Health – Drug Rehabilitation.docx

Health – Medicinal Cannibas


Each nation needs to manage its immigration so that there is a balance of visitors and immigrants that will enhance the nation, in the last several years we have seen a rise in immigration that has the potential to change the character of the Australian society and so we need to proceed carefully with our immigration.


Immigration – Inquiry into

Immigration – Refugees

Immigration – Boarder Protection


Defence – General

Defence – Williamtown Pollution Solutions

Defence – Build Them Here


There is real value to have strong infrastructure programs though this must be steady and affordable. We must always remember that what one generation will build another may well either add to or demolish to replace it with new things, so we should never get to attached to because what we consider finished may not be finished as far as our children are concerned.


Infrastructure – Transport

Infrastructure – Education

Infrastructure – Health Care

Infrastructure – Security and Essential Services

Infrastructure – electricity Prices


The traditional marriage between one man and one woman has held a special place in the life of our communities for centuries and it seems unwise to discard this marriage as being unique. We do the changes that have been made and we are carefully examining the full consequences of this decision. 

Marriage. doc


Gambling is one of those things that can be a source of harmless entertainment and yet also has a more sinister side to it. The sinister side is the gambling addictions and the criminal aspects of it; therefore we recommend a robust examination of the gambling industry.

Gambling – live betting and poker machines

Gambling – online and highroller gambling

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