Law and Order – some issues at hand!

The Law

We have many issues at hand concerning Law and Order and we are nowhere near coming to find answers that are meaningful. We are running to find our place in catch up and never quite quite make it as one part of the Law and Order administration is, it seems, at war with other parts of the Law and Order administration.

Surrender and scuffle after suburban siege – Newcastleherald Digital Editions, 1_6_2018

Arrest ends tense siege – The Daily Telegraph, 1_6_2018

Sieges are all too common and I am happy that this ended in a peaceful fashion the inconvenience to the public causes great concern to all the community. Of course we are finding guns in most of these sieges and often there will be no licence and the firearms are often not able to be licenced. Below is an example which is repeated far too often where young children get hold of legal guns and do harm to a friend, a neighbour, or even a family member.

BOY JUST 1MM FROM DISASTER – The Daily Telegraph, 1_6_2018

We do not like too much gun control as it is breaking into some people’s idea of freedom and as we have some calling out for freedom and how we should be all embracing to people who have claimed refugee status and in Melbourne we have found this is the new normal so often.

African gang’s reign of fear – The Australian, 1_6_2018

Then the justice system is not really helping to deliver Law and Order to our communities; we have to begin to do far better and really deliver true justice. If a child is going to do adult crimes then we need to lift the penalties for children.

Smartphone ban annoyed alleged cop-kicking teen – The Australian, 1_6_2018

Then a lot of the problems we have with the new arrivals is that their heart is not for Australia and they run scams to fleece the governments of Australia all they can for their purposes that are not about the Australia we have all learnt to love and trust.

Scam centres’ harsh lesson – The Daily Telegraph, 1_6_2018

With all this gloom we need some good news and there is some good news: I have a plan to bring back the justice into our society we so richly deserve. To do that we must work together to have me and my team elected into the parliament where we will deliver true justice and Law and Order to all our communities.

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