USA and Australian Alliance

Australia will back US in any conflict with North Korea, Turnbull says


It seems to me that an Alliance of equal partners (as I thought Australia and the USA are) should mean that we as an alliance partner would try to prevent our partner from provocating any conflict and to avoid unnecessary conflicts. It seems that the Prime Minister has placed Australia at the total discretionary will of the USA President Donald Trump. It is not my intent to comment on the internal policies or the foreign policies of the USA or their President BUT RATHER I choose to comment only on the Australian Prime Minister blank cheque that he has seemingly handed to the USA President without reasonable consultation with the Australian people or even the Australian Parliament. This is very unwise and if the USA – Australia Alliance requires that it is not an alliance of equals and needs some serious work on it to make both nations respectful and independent alliance members of equal status.

The Australian people are not a war-mongering people but we are a people not afraid to be involved in a conflict if the Australian people agree that it be appropriate. Various governments have over the years taken the Australian military in conflicts that at times I am confident the Australian people would not have approved. War is never a small commitment and I am reminded of the words attributed to Queen Elizabeth 1 in a comment regarding war,”I do not like war; as there are too many unintended consequences!”  It is my considered view that war should always be a last resort and never a first option.



In the end the Government of Australia needs to become closely involved in the politics of diplomacy with the issues in the North Korean problems. This has been allowed to develop over many years and should have been the focus of attention for a very long time for successive governments. I am fully aware that not always can the diplomatic process produce a correct outcome, but a rogue state that is set free to act for many years is difficult to manage and to bring under control. The North Korean problem has not been handled well for a very long time. I would never pretend to know the way forward as I am not privy to the details of the past processes. From a distance it seems that far too little has been done to manage the situation and to diffuse the agressive situation.  


In my mind the Australian Government should be working with as many people as possible to diffuse the issues that are behind the whole conflict between both North and South Korea and as well the rest of the world’s position in either supporting one side or the other or in creating more conflict points than there already are.

Wherever possible the path towards peace should be the real focus of all involved in this conflict zone!

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