2015 NSW State Election


There is a New South Wales State election to be held on 28th MARCH, 2015 and I am the endorsed candidate for Newcastle

The Choice on 28th MARCH 2015

You will face a choice on 28th March 2015 to make a change for the better so the real question is: Since the ALP dug into corruption so deeply over the many years while in government and the Liberals have performed badly and have failed to change the culture that leads to corruption, which is demonstrated by the resignations of a number of Members and even the former Premier; as well as the manner that the government is dealing with the truncation of the Newcastle rail line, who can sort out the mess?

Answer: The Christian Democratic Party

Vote 1 Milton Caine for Newcastle….


The Choice

The same old promises not being delivered or just being delivered in part…OR…A new plan well thought out delivering finished projects.

The local member needs to be skilled to carefully consider the conflicting and competing needs of the community and to carefully deliver as much as he can to as many as he can. He must also demonstrate concern for the disadvantaged who may be adversely affected by decisions that he would make, or recommend.

Let’s look at an example – our rail line into Newcastle – to cut or not to cut? is the real question.

Group A wants rail travel into the city Group B wants freedom to walk between the harbour and the south side of Hunter Street. Group C just does not want to wait in traffic at railway gates. Group D  are the developers who just want the land to build high rise buildings on whether we want them or not.

The Liberal Party is  truncating the rail line into Newcastle from the 26th December 2014 and supply a very inferior transport service to replace it that will leave the vulnerable more excessively vulnerable and unable to travel with any sense of freedom.   The solution: If the train is tram-like then pedestrian access across the line is very possible. If the brakes are improved the train will not need to have boom gates; just normal traffic controls with a combination of stop, give-way signs and traffic lights.


Group A: retains train transport at a reduced speed. Group B: gains the right to walk across the track as the barriers are removed and a good walking surface laid. Group C: no longer has the boom gates and just faces normal traffic controls.


Cutting the track $150m…OR…Modifying use of the track $2.6m

(As the Liberal Government has removed the rail services to Newcastle Station I will seek to replace and reopen the service as per my plan below there will be additional costs that can not be factored in at present as the state of play is currently unknown as to what it will be by the time of the general election.)

 Made up of $0.6m to do a tram conversion on the existing trains (100 vehicles at $6,000 per each) and $2m for landscaping and changing traffic controls methods. The second proposal gives something to all, saves money and does not interrupt the transport needs of the community.


Have you seen your local member do this to solve any problems before? Because that is what you have been paying for!

Enough is enough:

We need a new man with a new plan and I am your man with a new plan!