Policies at a Glance

  • The Environment: The environment is important to the future of humanity as we know it and therefore we must do all we can to carefully look after it and to care for it. The elements and other minerals found on the planet need to be carefully used bearing in mind that there will be people following after us and we need to leave material for them as well as to leave the planet in as good a condition as possible. The basic principles are: pollute little, consume little, use only what is necessary, recycle all we can, reuse all we can, replenish as much as we can. As such the the excessive coal mining needs to be brought under control, the coal seam gas exploration that has dangers of contamination of groundwater must stop until a safe extraction method is found, farming lands must be protected from destructive mining, the oceans must not be polluted unnecessarily. our forests are important and need to be replenished as some timbers are being used and so many other issues are needing careful consideration so as there is no long term damage.
  • Business and the Economy: The business and economic activity is about creating meaningful jobs so as to liberate all Australians from dependency on the welfare state. To achieve this it is wise that the majority of the products that the Australian community need are produced within Australia by as far as possible Australian owned businesses. Small businesses are best to achieve this result in many instances as large businesses tend to act as sudo owners of the employees as the personal connection is removed due to the size of the workforce, though for some enterprises it is imperative that the economies of scale would be better achieved by a larger business.
  • Business need Directives to achieve Wholesome Practices:  Because of the fallenness of humanity it is not natural for good moral and trustworthy values to flow from business without the oversight of others external to the enterprise. The regulations need to to as few as possible but sufficient to deliver strong regulations to protect employees, employers, customers and consumers.
  • Pro-life, Pro-family and Pro-traditional Marriages: This is where the strong moral values behind and underpinning the Christian Democratic Party’s come into its own. We make no apology for a stand in this area. We strongly support the right to life for the unborn child and therefore we in generally cannot support abortions. We also support the right to life to the elderly and the terminally ill, however we support the strong palliative care that will deliver total pain relief of the terminally ill. In our view the family is the basic unit of society and the health of the family and its interpersonal relationships is the cornerstone of the measurement of the community and national health, we therefore support all policies that will enhance and improve the the health of the family relationships. We support marriage as being only and exclusively between 1 man and 1 woman. While there are other relationship that some are involved in, they cannot be called a marriage relationship unless they comply with the meaning of the term “marriage”.
  • Australian Real-estate Only for Australian Ownership: As with many countries the property of the nation must only be capable of being owned by citizens or long term permanent residents such a policy will take the heat out of the continual price increases of housing in the major population centres.
  • Immigration Predictability: The purpose of our immigration and visitors policies is to balance our needs as a country and the desires of people wanting to visit or settle in Australia. As a Christian Party we wish to support the strong Christian values that have been established and developed over the last 200 years since European settlement commenced in Australia. We must not devalue citizenship by granting it quickly. The Australian Government has the responsibility to take charge of all who come to Australia. Prospective new citizens and refugees need to be able to integrate socially into Australian society.
  • Refugees Needs for Protection: Refugees must be treated compassionately with the utmost concern for their safety and sent to a safe place to re-settle which may not always be Australia.There needs to be an orderly intake of screened refugees who are assessed before their arrival in Australia. 
  • One Law for All: The government and all persons in Australia must be subject to the same laws. Too often we have issues where the Australian Government chooses not to apply the same laws to its own departments as is applied to other Australians; the current issue in our face is the RAAF pollution from the use of toxic firefighting foam which is highlighted at Williamtown NSW. As well there are some peoples groups that are seeking differential laws for their communities and we strongly oppose any differential laws in Australia for any peoples groups.   
  • Education: Education must be about informing and training  towards live beyond the education system without indoctrination and attempting to manipulate a social changing construct. The so called 3R’s must be a strong foundation of the education system.
  • Anti-bullying: In the recent past we have seen a development of out of control bullying within the school system that continues beyond the education system system into Domestic Violence and Social Violence. THIS MUST STOP! We have policies through the school system to bring personal value to each child and concern and value of wholesome relationships between each other, no matter what differences there maybe between each of the children. We also have strong laws to deal with domestic and social violence with strongly enforceable AVO’s. Aggravated Violence Orders breaches will attract custodial sentences upon arrest until the matter is heard in the courts.
  • Restorative Justice: The purpose of the justice system must be to have a strong cohesive society and as such for those who engage in acts determined to be unlawful within the minds of the community must face sanctions and the purpose of the sanctions must necessarily be to restore a person to the standards of the community. Therefore the sanction (penalty) must bring corrective behaviours from the perpetrator of the sanctions acts. As well the victims, if any, need to be restored to the community as much as possible without the motivation or desire for retribution towards the justice system or the perpetrator.
  • Palliative Care: Life is sacred and as such we support better funding for a robust compassionate end of life care via a well administered palliative care that is capable of being implemented either in the home of the dying person or in the medical facility that the person is being treated in. 
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