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Urban renewal in Newcastle


Good city planning must first consider its attitude to public transport and the expected extent of effective cost recovery levels. In successful cities in France we have cost recovery levels of 25% of the cost of the service, as they maintain, that the cost of other infrastructure not required because of effective public transport brings community savings.

Urban renewal in Newcastle needs to be around much improved integrated public transport via a more open rail line (whether it be train or tram services), the establishment of an international multi-purpose cruise shipping terminal on Honeysuckle Drive and establishment of many tourism support businesses, family friendly entertainment precinct in the old CBD area.

The retaining of the rail into Newcastle Station is vital to a strong and robust urban development for the Newcastle CBD. Over the most recent past much has been made about the need to establish small boutique bars in the CBD. As a taxi driver many people bemoan the fact that there is no place in the city that is free of alcohol, gaming or prostitution and so it is imperative that we establish family friendly entertainment in the CBD. I would suggest that a cinema and entertainment area near both good transport options and parking be established, so as to revitalise the CBD.

The establishment of a tourism industry based around the tour shipping industry is wise and will see an increasing number of tour ships visit our harbour and city. If we do well we will have the ships here for several days and not just a few hours. The large increase in port charges, since the leasing of Newcastle Harbour, is of grave concern to many industries, including tourism.