Climate Change and the Bronze Age

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Leading up to about 1200BC there was flourishing trade around the Mediterranean and through to the Indian sub-continent with Egypt being the superpower of that time under the reign of the Ramsey dynasties. At this time there were many advances in the use of Bronze; however, as the world approached 1200BC the various sea peoples, including the ancestors of the Philistines were causing havoc to the shipping lines of the Mediterranean. Also at this time natural events of many significant volcanos and earthquakes that devastated many cities; linked with a long and protracted climate change event of a sever drought that virtually destroyed the camel trade from the Indian sub-continent that made the transport of Copper from the island of Cypress in the Mediterranean and the tin from the hills in modern Afghanistan and thus was instrumental in the beginning of the collapse of the bronze age. The height of the drought was about 1150BC to 1100BC and as a direct result of these combined events was to see many nations collapse and even the supper power, Egypt, left that era very much reduced in its power and influence. 
This clearly demonstrates that huge climatic events are historically able to the be discovered and these events can see huge changes to our word. These changes are quite concerning to the people on the ground at the time and yet they do not see the end of the world as being the inevitable result of them as the world has very much limped on and then to flourish once again. We find predictions today that some of the climatic events will see the end of the world as we know it; yet it is most certain that such predictions were made then as well. Since that time we have seen a variety of changes to our climate – at times we have see droughts, floods freezings and heatwaves some with temperatures greater than the ones we experience today. Social media today throws it all into our lounge rooms or on to our mobile devices on a moment by moment basis and can create an atmosphere of panic and hopelessness as we see some changes occurring from time to time.

The real question is what should wjoin the thinking e do to our planet to serve environment the best way we can? It is most clear that we should consume less, pollute less, create things with longevity, serviceability with replacement parts as required, reuse all we can, and recycle as much as we can. Our throw-away society is not helpful to our environment as is the complication that a product must be replaced every 5 to 10 years when a longevity plan could see such products last with minor services well over 50 years or so.

For example some houses today are designed to last for about 20 to 30 years yet built well houses can be lasting for 100’s of years. Each building that is built only for the short term will cause a lot of waste and pollution that is totally avoidable. It does not take a lot of examination of how we can do a lot better without being totally radical and taxing the life out of any economy. There is a lot of room for thought – will you join the thinking community for a less polluted world without the panic that we do not need!