Coal Power Is Closing Here But Not In China

Coal Power Going Here But….

The governments of Australia are committed to shut down our coal power stations, yet we supply about 23%of the coal to the Chinese expanding coal power stations as well as supplying increasing amounts of coal to other Asian Nations and to some other countries as well. If the burning of Coal is responsible for ‘Global Warming” closing our power stations and increasing coal production to fill overseas market demands will not improve the situation. (Until the ‘experts’ explain the massive climate change event of 1200 BC to 1150 BC I will maintain that while the climate changes, humans have very little to do with it). Our domestic electricity prices are rising sharply for most people and even though the government is planning to introduce a compulsory discount price of $250 for most customers. There is no real confident direction of government policy in dealing with these matters from either major political party. The massive coal consumption expansion in China has a huge impact on the pollution levels and this is a matter that must be addresses as it has long term health issues.

While I am not opposed to coal mining per say, I am concerned about the loss of good farming to coal mining as well as the huge amounts of water that is used in the coal mining that is often taken from our rivers that are under stress. The mining voids are not rehabilitated to be capable of good farming production. The ground water is disturbed and at times destroyed as well with no plan to sort out the mess. Coal is one of the highest earners from our international trading and we are just selling mined products, while leaving huge voids where there was good farming land. We need to do a lot better and we can.

I have many balanced plans to put into place so that we are again a manufacturing country and we stop being the worlds mine pit. For all who want coal to keep being exported we need to remember one day the last shovel of coal will be dug up and if we do that our children will have no coal for their future. Also for those who never want coal to be mined any more this is equally unrealistic as we need to use what we have without wasting it. Coal used carefully can make or world a better place but mining it as if there is no tomorrow is very unwise and short sighted. We must use as little as we need without wasting it, and leave some for those who will come after us. 

I think we can do that in a fully balanced way, are you with me??