Cuts to Battlers But 10K rise for PM

PM gets $10K increase – Cuts to Battlers pay rates!

The greedy and self-centered attitude of the whole of government is seen in this comparison for many Australian Battlers can not find a job they want and the only job they can find is outside of normal working hours. This means when friends and family members are entertaining they are at work – or when friends and family are sleeping they are at work – or when friends and family are at work they are available for entertainment. The penalty rates for these out of normal work hours has been slashed by the government meaning a smaller take home pay for the hours worked. Most small business in the catering and associated industries place a surcharge on services out of normal hours and so the penalty rates for most is recouped via a higher till payments by the customers. Decisions of government that have closed down so many of our industries and businesses means a huge reduction in jobs available and some of these battlers needing to work these out of normal working hours jobs are university graduates, unable to find work in their qualified areas. These jobs were often filled by people with limited qualifications but good customer service skills – most of these people are out of work being pressured to find the elusive job or suffer cuts to their government allowances. This is responsible government it seems!

Turnbull won’t rise to pay bait – The Daily Telegraph, 6_24_2017

The facts are the Prime Minister’s annual pay increase is virtually equal to the full pension of our elderly citizens doing it tough with all the increases in the cost of living and the further dragging back of their entitlements because the age of entitlement is over – so they say SO THEY ALL SAY! The leader of the Opposition increase is not that much behind that of the Prime Minister so there is no credit there for him either. In case the Greens want to crow about it they also get a hefty increase as well. Mean while the removal pf penalty rate means about a $77.00 a day reduction in the wages of the out of normal hours workers battling to make a reasonable income.

A back bencher is on just over $200,000.00 per year with a retirement pension package if they survive two terms of parliament and they are paid this pension irrespective of any other income the may receive or the assets they own. The ministers receive greater amounts up to the wage of the Prime Minister of over $500.000.00 per year. On top of all this are the perks that are second to none. The only thing that is not here is any reasonable fairness to the people of Australia.

Note well: The aged pension was originally set up to pay, and for many years paid, to all over the age of 65 (60 for women) irrespective of income or assets but the government took that away from many aged pensioners but never took it away from themselves.

Most of the politicians leave office to a very well paid job that is on offer as they retire and we could name many. many of the politicians are millionaires in their own right and would not need a pension of any sort. We have had some recent retirements of multi millionaire politicians who want extra offices for their retirement years. The balance is nowhere to be found.

The claim will be we did not give ourselves the pay rise it was recomended by an independent tribunal and it is arm’s length from government. Well who set up the tribunal? – the government – who staffs it? – public servants – whose wages do they determine? – public servants and politicians – how independent are they? – they are public servants who also get an increase at the same time!!!

The arms seem very short to me!!!!

The government should lead by example but do not know how to do that as their primary concern is their personal bottom line and that is the problem!

There is a better way and it is with new people who actually care

and have moral values. We at the Christian Democratic Party

have the moral values and the compassion to deliver just wages!