Defence Policy

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The Australian Defence Forces 

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The Australian Defence forces must have a primary role to defend our nation and our national interests. This should mean that any attempt by any power to take an aggressive step to compromise Australian interests. They should be fully equipped for the role they need to perform. During a time of crisis both within and external to Australia the Defence Forces as much as they are able should assist in whatever capacity is deemed to be appropriate for the circumstances from time to time. With the rise of threats of international and domestic terrorism there may be occasions for the Defence Forces to defend the national interests from such actual and potential attacks.

Supply of Equipment    

The Defence Forces should have the best equipment that can be made available to them and as far as possible the materials should be sourced from Australian companies and Australian workers – reason it is wisest for a nation to supply its own equipment for security and in case of hostilities that a supply chain has less chance to be broken. If considered appropriate the development of Defence Force industries for the supply of specialist equipment so as the latest improvements can be made to equipment for the Services.

Engaging in a Theatre of Conflict  

The primary purpose of engaging in a conflict zone is to protect Australian interest though there may be times that in the interests of stabilizing a region in conflict that the Defence Force may be invited to assist a foreign power, however only at the direction of the Australian Parliament and the Executive Government but under the combined direction of the Governor General and the Minister for Defence/Prime Minister. The command structure of the Australian Defence Forces must not pass to a foreign power in any theatre of conflict, however agreed cooperation with another foreign powers Defence Force may be undertaken without compromising the Australian Command structure.

Cooperation Between Various Disciplines  

There needs to be full cooperation between all disciplines within the Defence Forces and none should be considered to be superior to the other for in all engagements whether humanitarian aid or a potential or actual conflict zone, there will different needs and different emphases from time to time and it is wise for a whole of team approach to be the main emphasis to get the best outcome. To facilitate this cooperation intentionally, joint training training exercises will need to be conducted to best hone our forces to be the best team in the world if at all possible. 

Being a Good Citizen

The Australian Defence force must be a good citizen and where they are located in a community and some community damage should occur they must seek to remedy the damage at the earliest moment possible. The Defence Force must comply with the law, (Federal, State and Local Government Laws at all time unless from time to time a special exemption be granted by the the Parliament. It should be expected that all personnel will be of a high moral standard while representing the Defence Forces and the Australian people.

Rehabilitation Of Defence Personnel 

The Defence Personnel need to be rehabilitated as much as possible as they return back to civilian life when leaving the Defence Force. The medical restoration of any physical injury sustained must be of the highest standard possible and any wise and appropriate assistance that is required must be supplied.  Personnel who have seen active combat conditions need, as much as possible, to be restored to peaceful and balanced civilian life so that the emotional trauma of the service will not have detrimental long term negative impact on their future civilian life. In the experience of active combat there can be a lot of residual emotional and spiritual baggage that needs to be lifted and/or removed from the shoulders of retiring personnel apart from the physical injuries that may have also been sustained. A strong emphasis must be placed on this so that neither depression or aggression against others becomes a descriptor of former Defence Force personnel, as there is a history of in our recent past. We must honour those who defend our nation and our freedoms that we value so well and enjoy daily almost without much thought at all. 

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