Does the Baby have Rights in an Abortion?

The survivor of an abortion asks,


“Does the baby have rights in an abortion”

It is so incredible sad that this lady’s birth was brought on by a planned saline solution to cause an abortion and in the process to kill the unborn child. Though the saline solution burned her tender skin and caused here some serious health issues she was born alive, though with health problems from the trauma. Hear her story by clicking on the link above.  

In all of the debates on abortion the baby does not get a voice and I say it is time we speak up for the unseen and soon to be discarded person as if they are just medical waste. Just as this lady had to turn seeming defeat into victory we need to turn the uncomfortable news of “I am pregnant” into the comfortable news of the baby has right to live and we will try to find a way through this difficulty. As this lady asks all men to step up to the plate and not to just say this is just a woman’s issue. It is both a man and a woman’s issue. Of course the woman is more intensely involved because she carries the developing baby until birth, but this can never excuse the man for his involvement – for it takes one man and one woman to have a fertilized egg from which the baby is formed and so both are eternally embraced in this developing child and that responsibility can not be cast aside even if one chooses to not accept their part in the the child’s life or death. a mother may claim,”I have a right to choose what I do with my body” – How does that sit with the child’s rights as well. The question needs to be asked, “If abortion is about women’s rights, what are the rights of the baby? As this lady so elegantly asks that unspeakable question to most abortionists,

“Does the baby have rights in an abortion”

Woman waiting baby

I say yes and I call on all people everywhere to stand with me and this lady and shout that the Unborn Baby has rights and cannot be cast off as medical waste just because the baby is inconvenient to the choices of the mother on that day when a decision is made to abort.

Lets stop the abortions because the baby does have rights in an abortion!