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The GDP is reported as a number by the media and political parties make a lot of the actual numbe rof the GDP. In the Australian context there are esential 3 major divisions of the economy and as such the number that is given to the GDP is the number the theoritical dolar goes around the economy. Sales in the order of millions of dollars for very expensive products may indicate a healthy economy and yet the low income earners are often struggling while such transactions are happening. To us it is wise to segerate the economy and its influences so that we get a better picture of the health of the economy. There are at least 3 natural divisions, as we see it, the under $100,000, the up to $500,000 and the above $500,000 sections of the economy. Most Australians earn less than $100,000 per year and so big ticket items that affect the current GDP numbers do not give a real picture for the majority of Australians.


  • We will report the health of the economy in more meaningful numbers to reflect the real world for most Australians demonstrating a true reflection of the economy for the majority of Australians. 
  • We will effectively manage the economy for the majority of the Australians and not just to make it an economy for the more elite in our soiciety.
  • We will implement a jobs creation scheme to deliver full employment with meaningful jobs for who desire them.
  • We will re-establish the sectors of the economy shut down and sent off shore by previous administrations. 
  • We will see that the financial markets are far better managed delivering better ourcomes for all their customers.
  • We will be committed to low inflation and a stable currency against the world currencies.

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