Education – Voluntary “fees”

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There has been a lot of discussion on the term voluntary fees that some public schools are attempting to apply them into compulsory fees. The Christian Democratic Party is deeply concerned about this trend and we will put in place that will prevent voluntary fees being implied to have any degree of compulsion and to do this the funding to public schools must become more adquate than it is currently is. Any school that believes they have a shortfall of funds for the educational needs of their school will have a pathway to have a re-examination of their funding needs.

Students who can’t pay ‘fees’ face ban – The Daily Telegraph, 3_14_2020


  • Public Education is free to all who are enrolled in the Public system
  • Any paymens requests by a public school must be totally voluntary
  • No student in a public school can be denied an educational activity by reason of non payment of a voluntary payment.
  • Any public school that has an educational activity that needs funds beyond the school’s budget must seek additional funding without attempting to impose a fee to cover the costs.
  • Voluntary payments are a vehicle for fund raising for shared needs and services for the whole school community.


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