Environment – Murray Darling Basin – Water Sustainability

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There is much said about distribution of water and healthy flow issues in the Murray Darling Basin. Various discussions have been going on for about 150 years and yet balanced and fair arrangements have yet to be put in place. It seems to us that excessive water is extracted for some unwise practices in circumstances that prevent this extensive river system to supply fair distribution of water for all of the river communities and to remain a healthy and balanced river eco-system. The management of river systems must always produce a healthy river system and fair water distribution to all of its communities, including the natural communities – these things are not currently being done along this river system!


  • Healthy rivers must flow, so we believe off river dams are best for rivers to flow and for the river’s eco-system including aquatic life.

  • While wetlands are vital for flora and fauna, deep dams are best to reduce wastage via evaporation.

  • Some high water consuming farming practices are ill-advised to continue in the upper reaches of the river system unless they can source alternative water external to the river catchment basin.

  • Extraction of water and restrictions via dams or weirs must never prevent the river system’s flow sufficient to keep the whole eco-system healthy for all flora and fauna.

  • All water extractions must be metered and decisions of the permitted exactions to be fair to all consumers of water and to the adequate healthy river and eco-systems flow.

  • Support for river flows can be enhanced via interconnecting with other systems where historically there is demonstrated excess river flows.

  • Management of the river system must be fair and clearly without any conflicts of interests as the evidence of the current management seems to be embroiled in.

  • If the states are unable to cooperate for a healthy outcomes then consitutitional amendments will be considered.

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