Foreign Affairs – Two State Solution

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I personally fully support the original two-state solution where the common border is the Jordan River between Israel and Jordan and the area of Gaza while it may have a large Muslim population cannot be under the control of a despot terrorist organisation.  The cartoonist as depicted below sums it up well!

Over the years there has been a lot of discussion on the “two-state solution” for the Jewish and the Muslims in the Middle East. The history is very important and without it then it is every chance that wrong assumptions and wrong suggested outcomes would be on the table; and that is precisely where we are on the so-called Israel/Palestinian issue currently rests, and that is an uncomfortable place to rest.

The map above has the entire British mandated area that was placed under the hand of the Lord Balfour and as you will notice it is divided into two areas and that precisely is the two-state solution one side (the red side is Jordan, though it was formally called Transjordan). The blue area reverted to the name Palestine as though it was designed to be a homeland for Jewish people, it was not, at that time, occupied by as many Jewish people as were expected to return to the area so as to organise the new Jewish state that was expected to be created. Between the early 1920’s and 1948, when Israel was proclaimed, the administration of the area west of the Jordan was conducted by British officials. Most of these officials developed a very anti-Jewish attitude and this affected how their administration worked out. As a result, the Jewish communities created a civilian protection unit called the Hagenah to protect their people as both the British forces and some of the Muslim residents began attacking some of the Jewish communities. A splinter group who sought to retaliate against both the British and the Muslims attackers, this group was called the Irgun. Former Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, was a member of this splinter group.
As it got closer to May 1948 when Israel was to be declared as a new nation some British units as they were pulling out of the area were handing the military positions to some of the hard-line Muslim groups.
On the days leading up to David Ben Gurion declaring the State of Israel all of the Muslim Nations told all the Muslims in the new state to leave and the Jewish people would be driven into the sea by the might of the combined Muslim nations; however, the war that resulted saw the defeat of the combined Muslim nations and Israel establishing a strong foot-hold in their mandated area, and from then onwards the various Muslim groups have continued to attempt to drive the Israelis into the sea by various means including war and terrorism.
The United Nations has been supporting the Muslim demands for the land West of the Jordan River where salami slice tactics in a “two state solution”; however, they all choose to forget the original two states that were created and endorsed by the League of Nations with the aid of Lord Balfour, the British envoy at the time. 
There are claims that the Jewish people have no real connection to the land, well the picture below will show you that their historical claim goes back a long time, in fact over 3621years and to me that is a long historical connection to that land.

This land was promised over 500 years before the date on the above map (which would at least 1900BC) to Abraham and his decedents. Joseph, one of Abraham’s great, great ….. grandchildren, after being sold into slavery to an Egyptian and later imprisoned, he ended up delivering Egypt from a huge drought and famine that devastated a huge area that included the area from Greece to India and into northern Africa. This massive climatic event devastated the camel traders in that area to the extent that the supply of tin from the hills of modern Afghanistan was no longer able to get to Egypt to produce the bronze they desperately needed to mix with the copper from modern day Cypress to make their bronze, thus the beginning of the end of the bronze age began at that time.

After Joshua’s death there was 400 years before Moses and then Joshua would lead the return of the Jews into the Land of Israel.

Please note that if the whole of the promised land was modern Israel then Jordan, Syria and Egypt would have to surrender some of their land to Israel. 
Each time there has been a peace treaty the Israelis are prepared to surrender land for peace and yet the net result every time is for the active extreme terrorist groups (sponsored by some of the Muslim countries) get closer to the heart and soul of the Israeli population, yet many countries consider this to be just! How can it be? Israel, like every other country, is entitled to have secure and defendable borders and hostile groups within Israel are entitled to be dealt under just and fair laws without interference of external forces. The alleged claims of Israel being an apartheid state does not stand up to any reasonable examination. Hostile persons loyal to external nations who are at war with Israel are entitled to be treated differently to the citizens of Israel; every other country would do (and have done) this in time of war. In Australia we put all the Japanese national in Australia in prison camps at places like Hay and Cowra as well many German and Italian nationals were interned in prison camps. This is a normal security measure during hostilities.
Please note: Many Muslims are loyal to Israel and serve in the Israeli defence forces as a part of their national service.  This proves that the Jewish nation is not exclusively for Jewish people, and with Muslim members in the Israeli Government demonstrates that Israel is a fair and democratic society.