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FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Israel – Including the Two State Solution

At the conclusion of the First World War the former Ottoman Empire was divided into two protectorates. The northern protectorate was managed by the French, while the southern area was managed by the British. Lord Balfour in 1917 made the Balfour Deceleration – approving the establishment of a Jewish Homeland with in the mandated area. In 1922 Churchill, the Colonial Secretary, divided the areas creating two states – 76% east of the Jordan River (Transjordan) and 34% that was to become Israel. This was ratified by the League of Nations in 1923. This is the two state solution! In May 1948 Israel was proclaimed as a nation occupying the land west of the Jordan as per the 1922 and 23 agreements. Immediately the Arab Nations declared war on Israel and sought to divide the second state (Israel) into two nations claiming this was to be the two state agreement – which it is not!


  • The Christian Democratic Party support Israel’s right to exist in safe and secure borders, and if her borders are breached by combatants she has the right to use all necessary force to maintain her borders.

  • Israel’s national capital is the unified and undivided city of Jerusalem.

  • At an appropriate time, as in other countries, Australia should plan to move the Embassy in Israel to the national capital, Jerusalem.

  • We are pleased to commit Australia to cooperate with Israel in many areas of research particularly in medical, water conservation, and IT development.

  • The Christian Democratic Party supports the Two State Agreement of 1922 and 1923 and rejects any expansion attempts by mediators and the combatants against Israel to encroach any further.

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