Freedom is a Privilege not a Right

Freedom is a Privilege not a Right 

It seems to me that a person who is continually before the courts due to continual traffic violations of extremely serious nature. The person who I sight, while he is deceased after his last accident in which he killed an entire family. The driver at fault in this accident had so many traffic violations including driving while disqualified using a false name, fail to stop to avoid apprehension. He was on a Red P Plate that is restricted to 90kph but was speeding way over any legal limit. He was impaired by reason of drugs in his system as well.

 The driver at fault had no respect for the law that every Australian family believed each driver that uses our roads would respect and obey. This driver has a son who seems to following his father as his son is before the courts for driving without a licence and was driving an unregistered vehicle. So it seems that the family do not consider the law should apply to them. Such people area danger to all who use our roads.

There must be a point where a person must forfeit their freedom if they do not want to comply with the law of the people. The safety of the people is at hand and if a person behaves dangerously they should not have freedom of movement.

Freedom must be seen as a privilege and never as a right – if one acts badly and dangerously consideration must be given to restrict their freedom. Restorative Justice is when a person who breaks the law or harms a person needs to understand their error and to accept responsibility for it then to do all that is necessary to restore any damage inflicted upon the community or a person.

We need restorative justice now! Jessica and her family may well be alive if this dangerous driver was restricted in his freedom!!