Full Investigation Into All Types of Electricity Production Needed

  Where Is The Truth About Electricity?

A full investigation into all types of electricity production is needed where all the inputs of the production of the plant and equipment to produce the electricity, including financial, energy, raw materials and the labour components, and the out put of the electricity over the expected life of the plant and the equipment. We need to always choose what is best and not what is popular because we have at stake in the efficient production of electricity. Australia is exporting coal at a huge rate and with more coal mines on the drawing board we have some important decisions to make.

 If coal is so bad for the environment in the production of

electricity in Australia then perhaps we should be consistant

and not export coal to other places for their coal powered

electricity plants? 

I have never understood the expanding coalmines while we are shutting down our coal powered plants.

Above a coal powered plant – Below coal stockpile for export

We deserve a detailed and truthful account of the full dirt to dirt production of electricity by all means and if coal is proven to be problematic for our future then using here or in another part of the world must cease. Some blame the changing climate on the burning of coal, while others have a different view. Below is a clip of a view on climate change that is challenging some well published ideas.


Is climate change becoming a religion or is the details of human involvement totally true?

A catastrophic climate event happened 1200BC to 1150BC and this cannot be blamed on human involvement!

Without CO2 no plants will grow!!!

Where ever renewable energy is introduced there is a huge increase in electricity prices some more than doubling. Where household solar panels were subsidised by government with significant feed in tariffs at the beginning have had to review the feed in rate as it is unsustainable. I sought of our former Energy Minister to guarantee a comparable feed in tariff to the supply cost and I needed to follow up this request 5 times before I received a long winded answer that in summary stated that “the market will set the price”. The feed in tariffs in NSW are a fraction of the original price though electricity prices have more than doubled for most users. 

Only a full investigation of all aspects of electricity production including the pollution caused and the capacity to maintain a safe base load supply of electricity. Only the Christian Democratic Party is willing to go head to head in a full and robust examination of all aspects of electricity production.

The question will you support us to carry out this full

investigation or will you just believe one view or the other!