Gambling – On-line and High Roller

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The CDP recognises that for the vast majority of Australians gambling is little more than an occasional “flutter” at the races or the odd lottery ticket, “scratchie”, a few dollars in the “pokies” or even a night at a casino. Yet there is a more sinister side to gambling for this is the vehicle of the money laundering of the criminal world and illegal transactions of commerce world. Most of the drug trade profits are laundered through the gaming industries.

Money laundering and gambling caused Al Capone to build Las Vagas casinos!

Online and phone gambling

The CDP believes that any gambling with credit is unacceptable and never more so with online and phone gambling. This is in addition to the greater risks of corruption involved with “in-play” gambling as advised by the government’s Sport Integrity Unit.


As such,

  • The CDP supports a government operated Federal body regulates all on-line or phone gambling rather than individual states and territories. 

  • The CDP supports all revenue raised through taxes to be used to address issues associated with problem gambling and corruption. 

  • The CDP supports a total ban on all on-line or phone gambling involving minor or local sporting matches as these are far more likely to fall to “match fixing”. Only sporting events with approved regulatory bodies above them should be allowed.

  • The CDP supports a total ban on all gambling on credit 

  • The CDP supports a ban on all advertising before 9pm on all free to air and pay TV. 

  • The CDP supports a total ban on “0ffshore” gaming companies unless they conform to all Australian regulations by blocking websites and transactions through Australian financial institutions.

High Roller Gambling

The CDP are concerned that with so much international illegal drug trading and the need for the method to launder money gained either in Australia or in another part of the world from this trade; as well as the international illegal arms trade and the need to launder money towards terror organizations to support these organizations’ insatiable desire for more and more arms that it is very prudent to have a full and frank inquiry into the whole of the high roller gaming happening in Australia. We would hope to have full cooperation from all such venues.

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