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The CDP recognises that for the vast majority of Australians gambling is little more than an occasional “flutter” at the races or the odd lottery ticket, “scratchie”, a few dollars in the “pokies” or even a night at a casino. Yet there is a more sinister side to gambling for this is the vehicle of the money laundering of the criminal world and illegal transactions of commerce world. There is reasonable evidence that most of the drug trade profits are laundered through the gaming industries.

To most citizens casual gambling is merely a form of light entertainment, however to some it can become a very destructive addiction resulting in the ruin of their own lives as well as many close to them. It is estimated that problem gambling by one person has a negative effect on between 5 to 10 others and the community cost is estimated to be approximately over $4.7 billion per year. 

Problem gamblers often suffer physical and mental health issues along with maintaining their relationships and employment. They are estimated to be six times more likely than non-gamblers to get divorced and four times more likely to suffer from alcohol addiction and abuse. Some will be enticed into crime to maintain the thrill of gaming.

For these reasons the CDP has identified the key areas we believe gambling needs to be addressed along with ongoing support for relevant counselling services and support networks for those afflicted with an addiction to gambling in any of its forms.

The CDP Supports:

  • Bans on Live betting

  • Banning alcohol near poker machines

  • Limiting maximum bets on poker machines to $1.00

  • Reducing Jackpots

  • The CDP supports a systematic reduction in the number of poker machines at venues.

  • The CDP supports all poker machines to be disabled from accepting credit cards.

  • The CDP supports all poker machines be disabled from accepting credit cards.

  • The CDP supports all poker machines be placed in an area of the venue where it is concealed from both sight and sound.

  • All poker machine payments over $50.00 to be paid into a banking account.



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