Is gender set or fluid?

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Is Gender Set or Fluid at Birth for Life?

Today there are people claiming that Gender is potentially fluid so the real question is: Is gender set or fluid at birth for life? We need to carefully examine this question and see where a wholesome examination will take this subject.

  1. Forensic science in examining the remains of a deceased person are certain and settled that the DNA shows many aspects of a deceased person including their gender and their ethnic origin and this is capable of being determined from a small component of a deceased person. So forensic science seems to overwhelming accept that gender is in the genetic material of a person; this proposition has never been challenged in a court room as the legal profession consider it to be settled.
  2. The idea of fluid gender or even a person being a male or female trapped in the wrong body is a very recent idea that has come from those who wish to promote a new social order and though it is promoted by some universities it seems that anyone who would attempt to challenge this concept are considered to be bigoted by the supporters of the fluid gender ideas. 
  3. Doctors who are specialists in paediatrics are not convinced with the ideas of gender fluid theories, in fact one such person, in a video clip, puts it this way:

gender is set before birth

There seems to be overwhelming evidence that gender is not fluid but rather set with the DNA and even though some make the claim of fluid gender there is no verifiable scientific evidence to support this new direction of a gender fluid social construct. In fact, it seems, that even though a person may use blockers and undergo radical gender reassignment their DNA will still show that they ae their set birth gender – though severely mutilated via the various procedures they have undertaken.

Can Gender be Physiological and not Physical?

In light of the failure to establish any verifiable scientific evidence those who claim gender is fluid claim that there is a difference between the sex of a person and their gender. They claim that sex of a person is the physical appearance while Gender is the mental/physiological state of a person’s sexuality and so they want the physical to be changed to the mental/physiological state of a person. It is considered that such mental/physiological states are more real than the physical evidence of the body of the person. The problem we have here is that we have a huge number in our communities with active diagnosis of mental illness and the determination of a person’s gender is by reason of their mental/physiological state then how do we determine who has a mental illness? Those who by reason of mental illness do socially unacceptable things like mass murder may by the same logic these people are only expressing their true being and so how should we consider their actions as being wrong.

Those who suggest that the mental/physiological part of a person is the strongest and the most reliable aspect of the person are placing our society on a slippery slope that is manifestly dangerous in so many ways we cannot let this stand and to that end we are committed to re-establishing the direct connect between the gender of a person and their physical scientific verifiable sex in line with the DNA findings that would reasonably be expected.

This is really a fight between the origins of life via distorted evolutionary theories and that of an origin of an intentional designer – namely a Creator God!

All the careful examination of human life points to a predicable, recoverable life form from the first cells, of the soon to be child, to the repair and maintenance of the life of each person. Yet this predictability of life is found in all of the life forms on this planet and it screams of the Creator God for the entire world to see and to accept or reject!