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The Christian Democratic Party recognizes that a “healthy” nation requires an efficient and affordable Health system for all Australians. We will campaign vigorously for increased funding to our hospitals and reducing waiting times across the nation and a better funding health.



  • The CDP will work with the States to ensure their hospitals are managed by local hospital boards so that communities get better health services and better value for their money. 

  • The CDP calls for Urgent funding for Aged Care Facilities. It is essential to have high-quality care and to ensure registered nurses are on duty at all times. The CDP calls for adequate funding to provide for 24/7 registered nurses in all aged care facilities. 


  • The CDP will ensure that urgent funding is allocated to assisting Children and families suffering from Juvenile Arthritis across the country. There are approximately 6,000 children living with arthritis in NSW alone.


  • The CDP will work with the pharmaceutical industry to provide more affordable medication for all Australians and to restore transparency and confidence to the process by which medicines are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

  • The CDP will take real action to treat and better manage mental health issues with a view to recovery from the illness wherever possible.


  • The CDP supports use of medical cannabis where proven successful for good medical outcomes via rigorous testing – controls must be in place to prevent illegal use.

  • The CDP will work towards more coordination at local level between local providers, rehabilitation etc.

  • The CDP will work towards providing affordable basic dental under Medicare.

  • The CDP will work towards bringing more medical and dental care to rural Australians.

  • The CDP will promote more sport and other healthy activities, especially to youth to help combat obesity etc.


  • The CDP will push to introduce bans on “junk food” advertising targeting minors and support the promotion of healthy activities such as sport etc.

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