Health – Pill Testing

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Over the recent years there have been an increasing number of party goers die as a result of taking illegal drugs at music festivals. There has been a call for pill testing so as to prevent the deaths – many experts seem to support the testing of these pills and yet we are dealing with illegal substances.

For a government to endorse the testing of an illegal substance and to return it to the person for their consumption and to remain making the call for the substances to be illegal would be unsustainable at law. Emotions should never drive policy, though it must drive us to address public policy that is safe and acceptable to all the people under the governments’ management. Sometimes hard decisions must be made. This is one of those tough policies to separate the strength from weakness.


  • Entertainment venues operators are responsible for the safe conduct of their business as is in hotels and other places.

  • Pill testing by a government official that reveals an illegal substance must report the matter to law enforcement.

  • Music festivals will need to be licensed as to RSA and to all other related matters concerning the customer’s safety.

  • Music venues that permit or encourage the distribution, carrying, and consumption of illegal drugs will face the courts for permitting illegal activity on their premises.

  • The safety of the customers will be the responsibility of the operators of such venues.

  • Permits to carry out searches will be granted to operators to ensure the venue is drug free.

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