Health – Vaccinations

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The principle of herd immunity must be obtained by systematic trust in the health system and in the process of delivery of healthcare with full and factual disclosures of the all the relevant details.

In these days of health emergencies, namely the Covid19 pandemic, it is imperative that the subject of vaccinations be fully addressed and so a policy position on vaccinations must be laid down. In principle, the right of each person to be free to decide their health care underpins the whole of the delivery healthcare must not be cast aside, as this principle is a strong democratic right. Therefore, each person’s personal right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate must be maintained in all policy directions and decisions made in the delivery of Healthcare to the Australian population.
In the determination of the need for a new vaccine to be distributed among the community, it is beholden on both the Government and the health officials to be honest and open with the community so that the take up of a vaccine become evidenced based. To this end the details of what is in the vaccine and how it has been tested and the results of the tests. It is imperative that any known side effects be fully disclosed, so that a free honest decision can be made with the full understanding of the risks involved in both taking and not taking the vaccine.

In the current circumstances, we find that there are some treatments that are banned that some believe may assist in the treatment of covid19, and yet there seems to be a political divide on this position and yet the medical health science position has not been clearly enunciated in relationship to this – it seems to me that many discoveries of improvements to health processes were often opposed by the established health delivery communities (for example the need to sterilise equipment to prevent cross contamination during surgery was strongly opposed and yet today it is not only common practice but a lawful requirement). It is beholden on both the government and the Health professionals to fully disclose why a treatment is not acceptable so that the conspiracy theories related to favourable treatment of certain pharmacies companies or even conspiracy theories of control and manipulations cannot have any clear air to grow and expand.

Note well: it is of great concern that, it seems, that all the relevant pharmaceutical companies have been granted complete immunity from any legal consequence concerning the current use of covid19 vaccines in Australia, as is the case worldwide. This seems highly irregular especially considering that the Federal Health Minister has openly stated in February 2021 that Australia is involved in a worldwide clinical trial until 2023. Concerns are there and questions that need answers are not often given the right to be expressed in the halls of power which feeds into those who promote conspiracy theories and do not promote confidence in the immunisation programs.