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The Christian Democratic Party recognises that the future of the nation lies in the hands of the children of today. To ensure the younger generation is fully empowered we acknowledge that education is one of the most key areas that must be addressed. 

In addition, the CDP appreciates that further education and training is not only a requirement for youth, but also essential for many adults already in the workforce or seeking employment. We believe higher education has a vital dual role in our society as an engine of economic growth, through educating our workforce and producing quality research.


  • The CDP will work towards a universal standard of education across the country offering all students equal opportunities.

  • The CDP will investigate the present “atar” etc. marking system with the aim to provide a more efficient and fair manner of grading based on the individual student’s personal merits and abilities.

  • The CDP will offer more level 4 course certificates/pre-apprenticeship courses etc. in schools that are recognised by prospective employers.

  • The CDP will support teachers in the classroom by ensuring our curriculum is rigorous without being too prescriptive or overcrowded. While also focusing on subject areas best suited to providing employment in the future and providing more refresher courses.

  • The CDP will continue current levels of funding for schools, indexed to deal with real increases in costs and we will ensure that money is targeted based on the social and economic situation of the community.

  • The CDP will work together with social media operators, schools, parents and children to tackle cyber bullying and other harmful material and behaviour targeted at individual children online, by measures such as ensuring large social media operators rapidly remove harmful online material directed at a child.

  • The CDP would encourage schools provide an independent counsellor or similar to whom students and/or their parents can address complaints of harassment by staff.

  • The CDP will continue the National School Chaplaincy Programme in Schools to support the emotional wellbeing of students.

  • The CDP will ensure freedom of voluntary religious education in state schools.

  • The CDP supports that Christian schools can operate under Christian principles.

  • The CDP will work with the States to aim to have 40 per cent of Year 12 students studying a foreign language, preferably an Asian language, within a decade to equip them with the skills necessary for the jobs of the future.

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