Housing – Affordability

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The development of Australia in mostly coastal areas has led to an apparent shortage of building blocks for housing. The inland towns did not establish a long term sustainable and growth potential social environment and so there was always the drift to the coastal cities and towns except for those who ‘had to stay’ because of the farming industry. This can be corrected but not overnight and it will take sustained effort from Federal, State and Local Governments to deliver sustainable communities for the 21st century and beyond. The short term view of government will not get the job done and until it is we will have unaffordable housing in unfriendly cities.


Principles to create real housing affordability:

  • Only Australians and long term permanent resident to be able to own housing in Australia;

  • Decentralization via high speed rail and road services;

  • Improve public transport in rural and remote areas;

  • Reopen as many rail tines to passenger and freight services;

  • High quality education facilities like universities in rural and remote areas;

  • High quality communication systems throughout rural and remote areas;

  • High quality and affordable utilities in rural and remote areas;

  • Removal of disincentives of grassroots manufacturing that the free trade deals deliver and encourage the development of rural and remote industries;

  • The removal of the excessive stamp duty taxes;

  • Competition policies that favour small businesses;

  • Remove the excessive land development charges.

Most people want to live near to work and entertainment but to be able to travel to major cities with considerable ease and that must be the end goal for affordable housing.

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