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The supply of adquate housing for the citizens in a country is a joint responsiblity of the private and the public sector. There ought to be no reason for long term housing shortages. Historically there has been large public husing to assist those on low incomes and on Government benefits, however in recent years there is a degree of wind back on this housing plan, we at the Chistian Democratic Party do not agree with this direction of public policy. One of the difficulties of housing is the affordablity issue. To demonstrate the problem:- In 1985 a house in Newcastle was purchased for $43,000.00 and this house is valued in 2020 at $630,000.00, yet wages in that time have increases from $480.00 per week in 1985 to $960.00 per week in 2020. This shows the huge increase in house prices over that peorid in comaprision to wages in comparitive industry. Some wages have grown a lot more but non have kept up with the house price increases. In a time when housing has become more unaffordable then the social housing should be expanding and not contracting.


  • Housing supply must be adquate to accomodate all citizens 
  • Housing mustbe affordable and for all to gain reasonable access to housing
  • A balanced mixture of private and public housing needs to continue expanding to be sufficent for the demand for housing.

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