A Huge Drug Bust – But They Keep Coming

Massive Huge Drug Bust in W.A.

I commend each person involved in this massive drug bust for this is a huge success for law and order. We are seeing a number of massive drug busts in recent years and while none as large as this unbelievable large haul of soul destroying and life destroying drugs. I would be extremely pleased if I was sure that this was bound to stop the drug distribution in Australia, but this is so sadly  just a dent in the distribution for a few months.

We must congratulate the federal and state police for an excellent job well done yet the tentacles of the illegal drug industry are embracing so much of our youth into a stupefied euphoria as the bounds of higher highs are pushed beyond any reasonable sense of reality of humanity. It is on the other hand quite appalling that some of the political opponents of ours who want to decriminalize all drugs even though knowing the harm done these social engineers. To have people standing in the way of preventing this scourge from being removed from Australia once and for all is unbelievable.

While I am very pleased with this drug haul, I do have continuing concerns on the distribution to “new recruits” that happens at our various venues on a daily bases. The big music venues are places where recruiting is at full steam ahead and it seems that local police action can do little to stop it. The standard of policing on a local level to irradiate this trade must be lifted. This is not to be seen as a criticism of the officers themselves but whole training, the staffing levels and the priority of the directions of the operational decisions. It is my considered view that in most police districts we need a lift of at least 10 to 20% in the operational officers at any given time.

The difficulties of law and order getting out of control means that anarchy is just around the corner. We all need boundaries so as to know where it is safe to be, though we will always push against the boundaries we really need them.

I maintain that there are essentially two varieties of police in any community and there is inter-dependency on both in any community. The most important policeman is the one who governs the boundaries when we are very much alone; while the other policeman governs us when we are very much in public – these two policeman work together and while one needs to work hard the other can relax somewhat. Are you curious??

There is the policeman from within and the one on the outside of each person. We are often familiar with the policeman on the outside of us for they are the ones who we see in uniform every day who try to see that the law is obeyed in the external experience of each one of us, with this policeman we are always on the lookout and we obey when we suspect someone is watching. The other policeman – the most important one – lives inside of our heads and is called our conscience for this policeman guides us from within so that we do that which is right virtually naturally as our second nature. 

In recent years we have seen the moral standards collapse and with the aid of the agenda of the political left. We are also finding more and more rules and or laws being passed each day to govern our lives. Many of the laws and rules that are contradictory in so many ways and just to point out a few interesting ones. It is an offence to transport an in intoxicated person in a public passenger vehicle – buses and taxis are public passenger vehicles; yet the government encourages intoxicated persons to use public passenger vehicles which is contrary to the public transport act. The external policeman (one on the feet) has a very difficult task as to which law should be enforced and when – this operational process dulls the capacity of our police force and therefore its effectiveness in maintaining all the laws passed by our parliaments. The internal policeman (the one in the head), our conscience needs continual maintenance how ever over the recent years we as a society have decided to remove any of God conscientiousness from our society. Even some of our churches have chosen to down play the importance God and His standards in the daily lives of the people. The teaching of the Bible enhance the conscience of the people and with wise direction this policeman guides us from within so that we fear no one for doing wrong as the right becomes as natural as breathing itself. The external policeman cost the community in so many ways and can only do a small part of the whole job that needs to be done; while the internal policeman brings rewards to the community at limited costs to the community but the cost is to lay aside your selfishness and consider the needs of others before you.

We cannot totally rid society of the scourge of drugs unless and until be have the most efficient policeman doing his job well from within the conscience of each and every person. Until then we will have a raid here and a raid there but the removal of this scourge will never be done away no matter how good the policing is in our communities; for the only way to stop this trade is to change the hearts and minds of each any every person so our nation is change from within. The Christian Democratic Party is well equipped to give this direction to our community –  THE QUESTION IS — WHOM WILL YOU CHOOSE ??