Hunter Water Board and Pollution

Hunter Water Board – Hides Pollution Advice

I have in the past written about the failure of the EPA and yet the fact that The Hunter Water Board intentionally hid all advice about the potential pollution from the toxic firefighting foam entering the well number 7 from where water was being extracted to supply drinking water to their customers. We do not know if we can trust the current advice from any of the people involved as they have demonstrated that the truth is only to be extracted when they want to tell it. Not good enough !!!!!!!!

Secret water warning – Newcastleherald Digital Editions, 1_10_2018

The processes of Government must never make any government official above the law of the common person and it is only the Christian Democratic Party prepared to call every public servant to account for their actions and the their in-actions and their relationship with the truth. We have trusted the Hunter Water Board to supply us with quality and healthy water and now we have to ask serious questions as to whether that trust was wise when we consider the information being withheld from us about the potential risks to our drinking water. 

The State Government has began the connecting of the people in the “red zone” to the water supply – The question is will this water be any safer and how can we be sure to trust the assurances we will be given when the history of lies and cover up is so strong over this pollution at Williamtown RAAF Base and yet not only here but in so many other locations around the country.

Not Good enough at all!!!!