Hunter Water fails again!

Hunter Water fails Again!

Hunter Water has failed again as water mains burst yet again. This is not an isolated event as so many neighbourhoods in Newcastle fully understand when they find that either they can not use their water or find that water is gushing  into their or a neighbour’s home.

All water pipes have a finite life expectancy and most of the pipes in Newcastle are far past their use by date and as such there is a lot of potential weaknesses that need urgent attention before more pipes are bursting causing untold damage to peoples homes and personal possessions. Over the years the many decisions of government  have removed the capacity of Hunter Water to continually maintain and upgrade the whole infrastructure of the pipes bringing water to our homes and businesses and the removal of wastes from the same premises. The draining of profits to support the Governments bottom line is not forgivable when homes are under sudden and catastrophic threats of massive walls of water that would not be the case if scheduled replacement and services to the system was capable of being funded by the normal revenue reserves being retained for that purpose.


The need for immediate and just compensation, even beyond just the costs covering the alternate accommodation and the precise replacement of all damaged items, must be forth coming to assure all suffering loss from this event that the Hunter Water Corporation is quickly accepting total responsibility for all the damage and inconvenience caused to the affected people.

There is an immediate need for all government departments to maintain all their infrastructure to the highest standards and when necessary upgrades and replacements must be done in a prudent and at a timely fashion so as to prevent any further catastrophic events happening. The Christian Democratic Party support a full review of all infrastructure and with the view whether there has been adequate maintenance of all infrastructure within the various government departments.

It is about time that we see processes put in place so that we will not again see headlines that will be able to claim that Hunter Water has failed again. Only the CDP is sufficiently concerned to put in place a process that will prevent this happening again.