Immigration Policy Purpose

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The purpose of our immigration and visitors policies must be to balance our needs as a country and the desires of people wanting to visit or settle in Australia. As a Christian Party we wish to support the strong Christian values that have been established and developed over the last 200 years since European settlement commenced in Australia. We must not devalue citizenship by granting it quickly.

  • Orderly intake of screened permanent resident applications that may be intending to become citizens, pre-arranged before arrival in Australia

  • Orderly intake of screened refugees pre-arranged before arrival in Australia

  • Applicants would need to be able to integrate socially into Australian society

  • Refugees will not necessarily become citizens if circumstances change in their homeland

  • Resettlement must be a priority for all refugees; it may not be Australia but it will be safe

  • Visitors welcomed to visit and enjoy our country

  • Border protection will be enhanced

  • Good character is imperative in all applicants

It would be our desire to favour people of Christian tradition as in our view this would lead to greater harmony within Australia as it is our strong desire to have a society of one people without enclaves of segregated people groups as this could give rise to unacceptable disharmony.

The principles of an Immigration Policy:

  • It must be clear in its purpose

  • It must be fair and compassionate

  • It must make citizenship to be an honourable and desirable thing

  • It must be forward looking.

  • It must enhance Australia’s security and prosperity

  • It must promote unity of the nation

In recent years we have seen a growing sense of social disunity as some of the refugees have come to our country. The disorderly manner, in particular, of the arrival of some of the refugees and the fast tracking from refugee status to that of citizenship to applicants when full character checks were not sufficiently examined. This is the source of the social unrest and is a significant point of tension giving rise to many “racists” remarks and actions in regard to our current immigration program which has created a huge divide within and across our communities.

The Christian Democratic Party sees the extent of this problem and will again re-establish a just, fair and compassionate immigration process for all intending to become Australian citizens, we hope to put behind us forever this sorry divisive path we have followed in recent years. We have a new way and a new direction.

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