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For a modern society there are many types of infrastructure to deliver government services needed to be in place they include roads, rail transport, air transport and airports, other forms of transport, parking facilities, schools, universities, telecommunication services including the internet, postal services, hospitals and other health services, age care facilities, power generation facilities and its distribution network, water supplies and distribution network, police services, court facilities and services, prisons and corrective services, fire protection services, custom services, boarder protection services, defense services and general government services.


The big question is who should supply and manage them?

The CDP recognises that an efficient infrastructure is an essential element for any modern society to flourish both economically and socially. This includes all areas, including both physical and organisational, which our society is dependent upon. 

In New South Wales, the CDP has a proud history of supporting major infrastructure projects that have benefited the entire State.

  • The CDP will ensure that all relevant information in regards to upgrades on any form of infrastructure is readily available to the general public for scrutiny. The CDP believes in full transparency.

  • The CDP will negotiate with the relevant state and local governmental departments and independent organisations in relation to funding for upgrades on infrastructure based not on political agendas, but on the needs of the community. 

  • The CDP will negotiate with the private sector, when appropriate to aid wise and timely investment in infrastructure projects.

  • The CDP will encourage new and innovative methods of improving infrastructure.

  • The CDP recognizes that to the extent that infrastructure that is not in the hands of government, the government is unable to control the direction and the effectiveness of the infrastructure.

  • The CDP does not support the selling of Australian assets that provide for infrastructure to ensure these services remain solely under Australian control. 

  • The CDP supports ongoing research and development in ways to improve energy supplies and to ensure a sustainable supply for future generations.

  • The CDP supports ensuring that all Australians have access to telecommunications, including in isolated regions.

  • The CDP is seeking to find a better and more efficient way to deliver high quality and timely healthcare, aged care, and disability services.


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