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The CDP acknowledges that the education system in Australia began with the churches beginning to offer education to the population in the new colonies without any government assistance and eventually the governments decided to buy out much of the church based school system with a promise of 1hour of religious instruction daily to enhance the moral code of the colonies.

Therefore the CDP believes that education and training is an essential element of any infrastructure system in both its ongoing maintenance and for research and development to ensure its future. Education begins in the home at a very young age and continues throughout life into old age. To facilitate this we must develop good up to date and cutting edge education programs and that embrace all the population to develop to their greatest individual capacity.

Important policy issues:

  • The current push into gender fluidity and the current Safe Schools Program must be completely removed from all aspects of the education system.

  • The education system must cater for all students from all aspects of education ability and not just for the academically strong students.

  • Access to education must be to all including students with disabilities and therefore any modifications necessary to any infrastructure must be assessed and carried at the earliest possible moment.

  • Access to daycare centers should become more affordable.

  • School Chaplains are very important to each and every school community and must receive continued funding.

  • Both state and private schools need sufficient funding to continue to meet the demands of the growing communities throughout the whole of the country.

  • Trade schooling, the TAFFE system, needs revamping as it is our intention to revamp manufacturing throughout the country so as to get jobs for all Australians.

  • Universities need to expand into more regional areas so as not to disadvantage the rural communities from higher education.

  • There have been many requests over a number of years for a medical school to be established in rural communities so as to retain doctors so trained in the local communities. This must be implemented as soon as possible and with the internet such online training must be quite easily attainable.


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