Infrastructure – Health Care

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The CDP will work towards providing a more efficient Health system to all Australians as we believe that the people themselves are the key element to any form of infrastructure both in every other aspect’s application and for the benefit of each individual citizen. The CDP clearly acknowledge that health service delivery is not efficient or sufficient and changes need to be made.


Issues needing to be addressed:

  • Cost of health care must be reduced for consumers

  • Access to general practitioners needs improving for most Australians

  • Emergency Department health services waiting times are excessively high and must be reduced .

  • Cost of health care insurances and the benefits received need careful attention to put value back into health insurance.

  • Expansion of health services to dental care must be undertaken since oral health impacts on many health outcomes.

  • Palliative care services must receive greater funding so as to be fully funded and extended to all areas of need for both in home and hospital palliative care.

  • The adequacy of hospitals and their services in all areas in the country must be carefully assessed.

  • The need to expand health services training to remote areas must be delivered.

  • The Medicare levy placed on all income earners needs to assessed as to the total collected and where it is applied to in its expenditure and to the extent that it covers any health care services.

  • A more certain and secure funding arrangements need to be investigated and to that end the Auditor General will be required to make a full and detailed assessment of current healthcare funding and expenditure so that a total and full picture of health services finances be fully known, so that if necessary wise changes may be able to be made.

  • Pharmaceutical benefits scheme needs thorough examination to see if it is delivering the best outcomes for the healthcare of the nation.

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