Intentional Killing of the Unborn is not a Crime but Accidental Killing is?

Intentional killing is not a crime!

But accidental killing of the unborn is a crime! 

Abortion Laws are Upside Down in Queensland!

I am totally shocked and amassed by proposed changes to the law in Queensland that will leave accidental killing of the unborn a crime but intentional killing of the unborn no longer a crime! In fact it will go further than that as it will make criminals of doctors who choose not to refer a person to an abortionist on request as well as people encouraging pregnant women to seek an alternative to an abortion.

There are strong moves to deny an unborn child has life in itself until after it is born and yet Gareth Evans, as Australia’s Foreign Minister, signed into law the UN declaration of rights of Children that clearly states clearly that the unborn have the same rights as the born child. There are some who claim that until a child has meaningful life a child should not be deemed to have rights to life in themselves. We are entering into a world of convenience as to when a child has life of itself and until then if the life of the child is not convenient that we can freely dispose of the child. These self same people who support the disposable child would campaign so strongly for the rights of an animal whether it is unborn or newly born and beyond. The strange thought process is selective in so many ways as some things are selected as being of value while other things have no value at all. There is no scientific or intellectual logic behind or underpinning the various claims that grant a woman the “ultimate privilege” of life and death over her child – born or unborn. This is only the claims of convenience as the sole foundation of the so called legal rights that are being pushed. This is a most disgusting framework for either legislation or legal argument in any civilized society, which until recently I thought we in Australia were a part of, but somehow we have lost our way big time.

Wendy Francis@wendyjoyfrancis So Qld law reform commission report on abortion proposes that if a child is accidentally killed in the womb it’s a crime, but if they are intentionally killed it’s not a crime. See Amendment of section 313 (Killing unborn child). Go figure!

The Queensland Labor Government is about to approve laws to permit the right of a pregnant woman to abort her unborn child for any reason at all up to 22 weeks gestation, however if a doctor refuses to do or does not wish to perform the abortion the patient must be referred to a doctor who will or the doctor will be de-registered as a doctor in Queensland. As well a 150 meter exclusion zone round any abortion clinic where no person may conduct a silent prayer in protest, or hand out any material that may show and alternative path to abortion, or even to counsel a person in anyway that may seek to change the mind of a person seeking to have an abortion. Some other states have also entered this appalling process of selective killing and all that it entails.,

Queensland has many remote communities where there are limited medical services and in such place the Queensland government is seeking to curtail a medical professional right to have an right to of objection to perform an abortion. The proposed situation is – If there is no other medical person be referred to to perform an abortion then the medical personnel will have no right to refuse to perform an abortion; even by reason of strong religious belief will not excuse the medical personnel. This is an appalling situation that is developing as a whirlwind across Australia. 

“ACL’s Queensland director Wendy Francis said, “Just because a geographical location makes it difficult for a woman to access another service or practitioner to perform an abortion does not mean a doctor should be forced to abort the baby against their conscience.”  

Any society that under values life will collapse into finding the killing of children justified. History has shown us that pagan religious practices often involved the ritual killing of children and sexual depravity in so many ways. Today we have moved into a very sexual motivated society with the questions over gender fluidity and sexual identity, as well where we are now seeing strong moves to sexualise children through the school system via the so called “safe schools program”. The so called sexual freedom has bound people into a sexual confused society where domestic violence has increased and the strong need to consider women only carriages on some rail networks. The so called women’s choice over their body seems to justify the killing of the unborn child. Yet to many of these feminist activists for a woman to choose not to abort her unborn child under and circumstances shows she is under the spell of hetro-normative behaviour. To be free of hetro-normative behaviour a woman must support abortion as a right for every woman.

What is Hetro-normative behaviour??  

Heteronormativity – Wikipedia

 Heteronormativity is the belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (male and female) with natural roles in life. It assumes that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation or the only norm, and that sexual and marital relations are most (or only) fitting between people of opposite sex.
It has become totally clear that as soon as we change the social norms of what life is about via a process of social engineering we begin to throw logic to the wind and we will reap the total confusion of that unleashed process that will have uncertain and unpredictable changes unless we rise up against this weird social engineering and put a stop to it now.

I am ready for the fight for the re-establishment of logic in our scientific and legal processes so as to defeat the appalling social engineering program that so far has entailed significant language changes, significant relationship changes, and will soon have significant educational and parenting changes. We are currently seeing some of the changes that will be enforced into the medical fields of life. 

Never before has the need been so urgent for all Australians to stand up for the unborn and to stand against the social engineering we are having thrust upon us by this emotive, unscientific, illogical, and aggressively arrogant and bigoted social engineers.

We must take the fight to them before we are totally disarmed via their so called anti hate speech and anti bigot claims against us!!