Is There A Trade War With China?

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Australia has for a long time shut down our manufacturing with the government and the business community bringing tighter and tighter ropes around the China/Australian markets so that we have become very reliant on China for so many imports and our exports are mostly going to China as we have developed a “Free Trade Relationship” with the Chinese Government. The Chinese Government has purchased many of the Australian farms, construction companies, mining companies, and so many other businesses; it is so hard to determine what is not under Chinese influence in Australia. We have leased many assets to the Chinese on a 99-year lease some of these include the Port of Darwin and the Port of Newcastle. State governments have had direct investments from China via the Belt and Road programs. In all this the Chinese Government has almost full control over our trade and our national interests because of the very poor-judgements made by most Australian political leaders; by this they have traded our independence for a few cheap poor quality imports and the closing down of our manufacturing industries and creating a dependence upon Chinese imports. Our country is in a deep recession that we will struggle to climb out of without a new direction and this must be grabbed now with both hands or we will be the slaves of China for a long time.

Picture “Despite moves by Beijing to ease concerns over a threatened ban on Australian wine, lobster, copper, sugar, timber and coal exports from Saturday, the Morrison government remains on high alert for China to continue its disruption campaign targeting trade-reliant industries.” as reported in the Australian.

This is not unusual for China to behave in this way and any person with their own national interest as being their primary concern would never permit their country to be so dependent upon a nation with the global control agenda that China clearly has demonstrated by the controlling investments in so many countries around the world especially in Africa.

Is there a solution to this?

Yes! There is always a solution to this situation and I have written to the Prime Minister in regard to this especially the first step we must take; and that is re-establish the manufacturing industries in Australia. My suggestion is for the Defence Materials Department to take over the old car manufacturing plants and to commence building vehicles for the Military and for the Government emergency services. Once this is well established then commence the manufacturing of vehicles for the general public. Such a Government investment into Manufacturing will drive confidence int the Australian Business comunities that the government will commence supporting the Australian Manufacturing industries, with that we will see an upsurge of investment and job creation in the manufacturing sector. This will clearly breed confidence into the economy and we will see jobs created for Australians who never expected to ever again find a job in their lifetime.

What are all the steps beyond the manufacturing re-establishment that the Government must do to free our nation from China:

  • Prevent further Chinese investment into Australia
  • Commence a program to give the Chinese investors 10 years to remove their investment from Australia via a tax increases as an incentive to withdraw from Australia
  • Apply 51% income tax on all earning in Australia to foreign owned investments
  • Apply an increasing land tax on all real-estate owned by foreign investors
  • Prohibit government departments to purchase Chinese made products

While this will upset the Chinese, we must remove Australia from the clutches of the Chinese Communist political system. The question is Australia brave enough to stand up to this international Bully? I certainly hope so – BULLIES MUST BE RESISTED AT ALL COSTS!