Jobs hero Gladys What about Newcastle!

What about Newcastle Gladys??

A Jobs hero for Western Sydney yet What about Newcastle? The new trains should have been built in Newcastle to secure about 1,500 jobs yet, NO! Not in Newcastle! As Newcastle does not deserve the jobs, it seems to this government, so South Korea can build the trains; even though they will not be able to be used in NSW without modification to them. Not Good enough Gladys!!!!! 

GLAD THE EMPLOYER LAUNCHES JOBS PLAN – The Daily Telegraph, 6_29_2017

6/29/2017 GLAD THE EMPLOYER LAUNCHES JOBS PLAN – The Daily Telegraph, 6/29/2017 1/1
PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian will today pledge $65 million as part of
a major training scheme to help cut the Western Sydney youth
jobless rate. The government will also nearly double its graduate
intake to 200 and an extra $10 million will be put aside to help
vulnerable people get into work.
Ms Berejiklian will tonight announce the ambitious jobs package
at The Daily Telegraph’s Project Sydney gala dinner in Bankstown. The Premier will also
unveil a high-level taskforce to review the pathways from school to vocational education
into the workforce.
The announcements will cap off the Project Sydney campaign, which has fought for
commitments from the state government for health and education infrastructure the city
badly requires.
Underscoring the main push of the campaign, to improve access to jobs for young
Sydneysiders, Ms Berejiklian will tonight say she wants “everyone in this city” to have the
same chances of a long and successful career no matter their background.
She will also point to the 334 cranes dominating the Sydney skyline as a sign of our bright

While pleasure is in the Western Sydney suburbs with jobs being created:

Unemployment continues to rise for manufacturing and associated trades in Newcastle as the Newcastle train building industries suffer again with being overlooked for the building of the new trains needed in New South Wales. This government gives jobs security to the workers in South Korea and sacrifices Newcastle jobs!!


Newcastle assets are either sold off or leased to fund other places so we have a government best described as one that Robs Peter to pay Paul — in application to what is at hand Robs Newcastle to pay Greater Sydney