Known Traffic Black Spots In Newcastle

Black spot map of Newcastle (above)

The identification of black spots has limited value unless a plan to reduce the risk factors at those points. There is one road that was planned in 1935 – The Inner Newcastle Western Bypass known as Highway 123 – and it is still not complete in 2015. The current plans are faulty and will not serve the community well, as nothing short of a tunnel linking the rear of the John Hunter Hospital to Highway 123 at the area of the Tickhole Tunnel will adequately serve the communities needs.

As well, since the printing of the black spots there has been changes to the intersections of Hunter Street and Stewart Avenue and the closure of Railway Avenue that will cause other problems and will need to be addressed in a better way than the rail truncation plan has been approached.

(The number near the red spot is referred to in the statements below)

Some of the proposed transport and road changes will not assist the improvement to the traffic flow in and around that we the people of Newcastle deserve. The plan that has stopped the rail and bring more buses into the CBD of Newcastle will do nothing to assist in traffic flow but rather make it far worse, and possibly more dangerous in the longer term. These changes must be reversed at the earliest time, as well a proposed tram in Hunter Street will be a total disaster to traffic flow in the CBD.

My Plan includes:

Re-establish the rail line to the Newcastle Station in a modified train/tram conversion 

  • The re-establishing of the rail service with a Train/tram conversion will remove the boomgates  and with my offset roundabout at Honeysuckle Drive and the lights at King and Hunter Streets to be coordinated properly the black spots of 1,2 and 3 will be reduced.

The construction of the second Tourle Street Bridge and the divided carriageway through to Nelsons Bay

  • The construction of the second Tourle Street Bridge as was as the construction of the divided carriageway through to at least the Williamtown Airport will assist with this traffic black spot but there will need to be more work on how to reduce the build up on Maude Street, this must be a subject of future examination more work to sort out the black spots of 4, 5 and 6 though some relief can be made if this work is completed.

Improved access to Newcastle University

  • Black spot 7 is mostly caused by access to the Newcastle University. I would seek that the parking ticket machine be shut down on the entry road so as to have traffic move more quickly to parking areas as well an access to the rear car park from Highway 123 should begin to sort out a level of this traffic build up.

Completing highway 123 as a limited access road 

  • With the completion of Highway 123 if my prefered route is used and it remains a limited access road then the black sports of 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 and 20 will find a lot of relief.
  • However if the current proposed route is used then we can expect that  black spot 14 would be very badly impacted as well  black spots 11 and 20 would also be adversely affected
  • Resolving the Adamstown Rail crossing issues will sort  out a number some of the black spots problems of 15,16 and 17

Improved access to Kotara shopping precincts 

  • The number of traffic lights do not assist in and around the Kotra shopping area will cause the problems to continue here until we work out better access to the various parking areas to allow the through traffic to be able to clear the area in a far better manner.

Widening of City Road

  • The widening of City Road will  assist the black spot 18