Labelling – Genetically Modified food products

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The need for full and regulated labels:

The Christian Democratic Party supports the labelling of all genetic modified foods and for the details of any genetic modified food product to have the full details on the Consumers Affairs Department food labelling website that we will create for the public to have full confidence in any label on any food or food product.

In today’s political and regulatory climate, where government agencies care more about their corporate donors than they care about your health or our common ecosystem, grassroots activism and marketplace pressure campaigns are more critical than ever. The Christian Democratic Party is listening and is concerned about all food and food products and the potential health outcomes of them.

Science can be both helpful and harmful and sometimes we do not find out about the harm for many years after the event and so the Christian Democratic Party is very cautious when it comes to scientific research in the area of our food supply. We know that there was considerable evidence that the “Mad Cow” disease seem to be connected with the feeding of offal to cows in food lots. That is feeding meat products to herbivores which proved to be unwise in so many ways.

Every day there is research being done on all manner of things and those funding the research need to recoup their investments into the research and so a breakthrough in a research project may be released early because the pressure of funds needing to be recovered due to the high cost of the research and as such we need labels on any product that has been genetically modified so that a consumer may be able to choose to use or avoid such a product.

Many have suspicion, rightly or wrongly, that some of the rises in illnesses may be related to our food chain and as such we need to be very careful in all we do as far as the food chain is concerned; any government must be concerned about the direction with genetically modified food and food products for the negative outcomes are very harmful to the community at large. The Christian Democratic Party takes note and will require full details on the labelling of any genetic modified food or food product. Such information must be listed on a web site that will be managed within the Consumer Affairs Department and available for public to be able to have access to examine the full details.

We desire honesty in advertising and labelling of all products for sale in Australia!

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