Law and Order – Australian Human Rights Commission

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Law and Order – Australian Human Rights Commission


In the protection of human rights it is important that the a determination be made as to what are actually human rights and what are outside of the commissions areas of responsibilities. In recent years there has been many movements demanding human rights for many different reasons and so a firm steading hand on the distinctions of perceived rights and actual rights.

CDP CALLS FOR AN END TO AHRC IDEOLOGICAL BIAS against Christian views and values!

  • The AHRC is charged with protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms addressing discrimination.

  • We are concerned that an over emphases on homosexual concerns have created a basis.

  • We support all efforts that ensure learning environments are safe, comfortable, and inductive to learning and development regardless of gender, age, colour or any other demographic.

  • We oppose the belief that bullying is related to a person’s sexual belief or behavior alone.

  • We oppose all forms of bullying including forcing the new sexual emphasis agenda upon all persons, respectful and honest discussions should be encouraged at all times.

  • Minority views need balanced protection but the promotion of Safe Schools and respectful relationships programs is neither balanced nor responsible to any community and must be prevented from being in our schools as it is an indoctrination of untruths.

  • We believe that the Human Rights Commissioner role is neither to support nor condemn viewpoints outside of protecting genuine human rights without impartiality.

  • Healthy exchange of ideas must be encouraged where the right to disagree respectfully without an fear of vilification or retribution.

  • Freedom of belief and the freedom from belief are essential elements of any free society and must be fully protected.

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