Law and Order – Child Abuse

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Law and Order – Child Abuse

CHILD Protection

The Christian Democratic Party is concerned that the extent of child abuse seems to be almost endless and as we are becoming a more dysfunctional society and as such we are becoming more disconnected to any worthwhile social foundation and therefore we desire to introduce training for parents to learn to become wholesome in their parenting skills. There is reasonable evidence that some child abuse begins from not knowing how to be a good parent, and this is because of the extent of family breakdown in our communities.

  • Protection of children from any abuse is very important and government programs must be directed to ensure the safety of our children.

  • We are concerned that some of the radial education programs do not deliver protection to our children.

  • The Department of Community Services must change direction to emphasise the protection of both children and families. The role must be to train families where necessary to become better equipped to be a safe environment for the children.

  • There needs to be a better managed reporting system where all suspected cases of child abuse are carefully evaluated and followed up on.

  • We are very concerned about the recent developments and discoveries concerning the institutional sexual abuse of children and we note that some areas were not examined which need to be examined and we seek to be involved in the future prevention of anything of this nature raising its most ugly head ever again.

  • Child Abuse CDP recognizes that child abuse can take a number of forms: children can be abused sexually but also physically and psychologically. CDP encourages reporting of child abusers by anyone who has reasonable grounds for doing so, especially by people engaged in children services such as health care, education, carers, refuge workers and police.

  • Training about the consequences of long term child abuse should also be available to teachers and court officials to make them more aware of the high priority that should be accorded to prevention, prohibition, rehabilitation and victim compensation. The root causes of child abuse need to be acknowledged and homelessness, mental health, alcohol and drugs are contributing factors that require urgent attention. Coordination between health, welfare and related community services is essential. CDP acknowledges that much child abuse occurs in family types not structured on traditional marriage.

  • CDP therefore supports programs that highlight the social utility of marriage between a man and a woman, for life and to the exclusion of all others. Child abuse offenders are overrepresented in Aboriginal communities and it is essential that policies recognizing the cultural sensitivities of these communities be implemented. Recommendations made by the Gordon Inquiry that have not yet been implemented should be acted upon. Sentences should reflect the severity and frequency of the perpetrated abuse. Parole should not be available to repeat offenders. Parole should only be granted if the perpetrator has successfully completed a rehabilitation course, has not broken previous parole conditions and is no longer considered at risk of re-offending.

Children are extremely important – they are our future and need our full protection:


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