Law and Order – Crime Prevention

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The Christian Democratic Party recognises the need for further action to be taken in relation to crime, both in regards to prevention and rehabilitation, with the priority given to the safety and well-being of the community in general. 

To this end the CDP believes the root causes of crime must be addressed and preventative measures be put in place to minimize offences which will include Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice is a new concept to many but a tried and proven where the person wronged needs restoration wherever possible and the person doing the wrong needs to know the error and to be restored wherever possible to a useful person in the community.

The CDP will work towards more coordination between the federal and state governments and judicial systems to achieve more unity and consistency in regards to both law and penalties across the nation. 

The CDP seeks to call for a study into mandatory sentences for major crimes and we will promote tougher penalties for all serious crimes and include restorative training in all penalties.

The CDP calls for stricter customs control and would work towards empowering our customs officers by negotiating with them as to how their efforts can be made more efficient and reviewing present procedures.

The CDP will work towards more cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies and suspend all activities of foreign criminal or terrorist organisations that are banned or outlawed in other countries while a full investigation is undertaken into their presence here in Australia.

The CDP calls for all proceeds of crime to help fight crime and support the victims of crime through criminal compensation, counselling services and other restorative services.

The CDP calls for more action to be taken to combat all forms of “cyber-crime”.

The CDP will seek to empower the justice system to examine any underlining problems that may contribute to criminal activity – eg – drug addiction, mental health issues, or other issues that may cause desperate action by a citizen – when the causes are found they must be treated and resolved to prevent future criminal activity.



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