Law and Order – Face Coverings

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Security – facial coverings

The Christian Democratic Party is completely committed to the principle of One Law for All!

The CDP acknowledges that due to security reasons there are times and in certain places there is a clear need for a person’s face to be clearly recognizable for the purposes of identification.
Likewise, there are times when it may be necessary for the removal of a face covering at the request of law enforcement officers or security and/or general staff while on their premises or place of work. We also note that it is lawful to post signs that prohibit a person entering premises with certain head coverings and this should be applicable to all head coverings of persons entering the premises.

However, at present this applies to various forms of face coverings that range from motorcycle helmets to sunglasses and various caps and hoodies; yet in many situations a person wearing a burqa (Niqab) or other religious based face covering is exempted from such scrutiny.
 It is equally unacceptable that all persons for official documents needing a photograph must be without any head gear and yet persons wearing some head gear related to Islam are excused from removing the head gear.

The CDP finds this highly discriminatory and creates a potential safety risk to all Australian citizens. In fact, many Islamic nations themselves have banned such face coverings as they recognise the very same security risk.

Further, the CDP also recognises the fact that until identification can be confirmed there is at times no way to determine if the wearer is actually wearing such face coverings for religious reasons or alternatively purely as they know there is little chance of being asked to remove it.

As such the CDP calls for a ban on all face coverings of any type and in any place where bans on other forms of face covering are already being enforced. The only exception being safety related equipment and/or when medically required, and with appropriate evidence to show the cause is justified.

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