Law and Order – One Law for All

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The Christian Democratic Party strongly supports a policy of one law for all Australian regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, faith or colour etc. The CDP also upholds that the standard of law should remain solidly grounded and consistent with those on which our national identity and culture were founded upon, while ensuring equality for all.

The political leadership and all Government Departments must come under the same law as all ordinary citizens of Australia. Therefore relative wealth or political clout ought not to place any person or organization above the law as applied to any other Australian.

While some may want a cultural or religious law to be in operation in Australia for a sub set of persons no law may be set up that may be inconsistent with the Australian Commonwealth or State Law, any attempt to so do will be in breach of the law of Australia.


Attempts to introduce Sharia Law or Sharia Finance into Australia will be resisted by the Christian Democratic Party and if any is in place, to the extent that it is, we will do all that we can within our capacity to remove any aspects that are inconsistent to Australian law. We have serious concerns with special tax laws to facilitate Sharia Finance as well as the application of marriage laws within the Muslim communities and as such we will bring these arrangements under Australian law – all the inconsistent with Australian will become unlawful.

The Christian Democratic Party is most concerned about the failure of the Defense Department and the Federal Government failure to firstly accept responsibility for the pollution at all the RAAF Air Bases in Australia where a toxic firefighting foam has been used for training of firefighting skills and been permitted to escape the Airfields and enter ground water causing large areas of very toxic pollution on the private properties in the general areas of the RAAF basses. We see this as a total lack of the application of the One Law For All principle and this must be reversed and a full package to fully resolve all matters must be most urgently put in place with a public and personal apology to all affected in every community. We further note that the State Governments have also used this material via both firefighting processes and mine rescue training and events; as a result we call on the various state governments to also accept liability and do all that is necessary to restore all that is polluted and any person or property damaged to be fully compensated. We note that all material times this product was known to be toxic and harmful to human health.

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