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Every society needs good laws to function properly and in an ordely fashion and so it behoves the Government to make sure laws are fit for purpose and yet deliver real freedoms to the community while protecting the rights of all in the community. The Christian Democratic Party understands the importance of the right balance between law and freedom and therefore we are very concerned about how laws are applied and how they may restrict people’s freedom in a harmful way.

The purpose of laws are to organise and to regulate a society and yet there is a possiblity of law makers of over stepping the reasonable standard that a society reasonably requires to establish effective order. When this happens excessive power can be given to one sector in a society and this is what must be avoided at all costs. The Christian Democratic Party works hard at trying to meet the challenge of ballanced and respectful society.

The legal processmust be independant of the political process so that the realiaty of all being Equal before the Law can be seen to be a true evaluation of the circumstances. Legal council should be available to all and if a person is unable to provide payment for the legal council then provision must be made for reasonable and proffessional legal council.

Penalties for breaches of the law need to be reasonable and administered fairly accross all of the community and there should be steps to ensure that there is no favourable treatment of one group over another. 

There are two main types of justice systems one is a penal system and the restorative justice system.

  •  The Penal System is one where penalies are set out to punish those who break the law with little thought about rehabilitation of the offender. This is not the prefered option of the Christian Democratic Party
  • The Restorative Justice System is geared to restore the offender to society as a restored and adjusted person. As well Restorative Justice seeks to repair injury and/or damage done by the illegal acts, so that the victims have at least a degree of recovery from the illegal acts. The Christian Democratic Party prefers this option to be fully developed in our society. The basis for this is central to our faith structure which is based upon the doctrine – though each human is in God’s eyes a sinner and  unacceptable to God, redemption is offered to all via the sacrificial death of the righteous One, Jesus Christ, on the cross and the accepting, by faith, this death in our place we are seen to be righteous in God’s eyes as he views us through the Death, Burial and Resurection of Jesus Christ. This is the Restorative Justice of God available to all.

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