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While the CDP believes strongly in the traditional view that marriage is the union between one man and one woman. We believe that most Australians are concerned for what sort of nation, and world, that future generations will grow up in, including the issues related to the decline of moral values and traditions many of which this country as a modern nation was founded upon.

The CDP also believes that the traditional view of a “family”, being that of a father, mother and children is the most beneficial to society’s development, both on the individual level and on a national level. As in any situation there are circumstances whereby the best option cannot or does not occur, however if we as a nation are to progress then we must do all possible to ensure that the better option has the best chance of success, nor must we ever promote or condone an alternative that offers less than the best.

However we find ourselves in a nation that has adopted a genderless marriage and we are awaiting the changes that may roll on consequently to this new law that has been enacted.


Those who called for the genderless marriage relied upon the concept that LOVE IS LOVE while the words are the same not all loves are the same and as there are strong and distinct types of love that are not easily distinguishable in the English language but are experienced by Australians. The love (agape) usually associated with marriage is one of selfless act of total commitment to another person that will at all times consider the other person’s interest ahead of their own. The other types of love as in friendship love (philia), sexual love (eros), playful love (ludus), longstanding love (pragma) and self-love (philautia); all these loves are vitally important to balance a person’s love responses, but only one has the commitment of marriage no matter what! The statement LOVE IS LOVE IS VERY DECEPTIVE IN OUR VIEW!

The CDP will work with the community to correct this error we believe has occurred and to return Marriage between 1 man and 1 woman to its rightful place once again to that end we will develop policies and propose amendments to this end until the goal is finally achieved.

We also recognize there will be issues from time to time that will need to be raised as these zealots try to remove the freedom of conscience, action and belief of a person, or groups of persons and businesses that may not be able to trade or freely mix with such ideology. We believe in a wider scope of individual freedom rather than a narrow view of just those officiating at a marriage service.

We also believe to organize meetings to rally support against this ideology should not in itself constitute to any form of hate speech as is currently being claimed.

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