Mental Health – Recovery or Not!

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Mental Health – Recovery or Not!

The real question what is the aim of the treatment of Mental Health -Recovery or Not! For the expanding numbers of people in the community suffering Mental Health issues who roam the streets in which they live relying on various drugs to manage the mental health concerns that they seem unable to shake off. Often to see the health professional is difficult without an appointment and so if an issue rises suddenly the possibility of seeing their own health professional is quite difficult without a long wait, so they attend the causality of the hospital or where they are known they may attempt to self admit into a mental health unit – providing that there are free beds available. Most often there are not any available beds and so further depressed they seek help elsewhere. The causality unit in almost every hospital is so inundated that wait times are measured in many hours and such waits for people with mental health issues increases the agitation in most cases and so often the people leave without treatment. This does not help the person or the community because depends upon the episode happening within the mind of the person will determine the community’s grief that will occur as a result of the failure to receive timely treatment for the episode. One such incident is claimed to have cause this the death in the story below. (click on the link)

Mother of mentally ill man who killed son speaks out

Some years back there was a report called the Richardson Report that was to give future directions into mental health and other disabilities and the question is: How well did it go as a whole and was there drivers there to achieve an outcome that was different to the long term health outcome for all concerned? The report is here, in the link, for careful examination for those who need to re-aquatint themselves with the details, or to read it for the first time. (click on the link)   Richmond Report 

Governments have decided to close down most institutional units for mental health and disabilities issues. While there is clear evidence that many people have been able to adjust well to the different types of accommodation beyond institutional living; however there are many who have not benefited at all and in fact some have died in the group housing situations, as well as many have been assaulted by fellow residents in the group house in which they live. The high value of the sale of the land on which the buildings for the institutional care has been located has coloured the actions of the various government decisions and while promises are made the issues go on and on with a full lack of certainty for all concerned. (click on link)

Mental Health needs to refocus on how can recovery from repeated mental health episodes be the main game and not just sedation of the person so as to manage expressed behaviour via a drug alone, this may be good for the drug companies but the reliance of a person to take medication on time is not recovery but the maintaining of a health concern – WE NEED A NEW AND BETTER APPROACH!  It seems to me that the approach to Mental Health issues is one where recovery is not a real option and the rise in the numbers of people with Mental Health Issues that seem to be directly related to the social pressures placed on so many by the direction of the social engineering that is being imposed upon the community. The Sexual confusion being placed upon our very young has a huge Mental Health toll and with this expanding problem we have restraints on health services growth in costs. It seems that a whole of community approach to many of the issues that are seen to be a root cause of the commencement of developing Mental Health issues. We as a community ought not to be concerned that another person on a Mental Health episode may become a perpetrator of a crime against our person or others in our communities. ONE OF THE PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES OF GOVERNMENT MUST BE TO DELIVER A SAFE COMMUNITY FOR ALL OF ITS CITIZENS!!