Mining – Coal Seam Gas

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There is an artificial shortage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Australia as we have contracted to sell LPG to other countries for a very low price compared to the Australian domestic price. In fact some LPG is imported into Australia after being exported in the first place. A very popular and current mining practice of extracting LPG from coal seams is by a process called fracking. At this moment there is a lot of concern about the safety of extracting this gas particularly when there is a body of water near the area. The process is essentially pumping certain fluids into the rock where the deposit of gas is held and fracturing the rock. The industry claims this to be safe but there is evidence that water has been contaminated during this process and by many independent people is not considered to be safe at this stage.


  • Export Gas sales must be terminated or reduced so as to maintain sufficient domestic supply at a very reasonable price.

  • No to Coal Seam Gas extraction in its current form.

  • The extraction method must be totally safe so as there is no possible contamination of any of our scarce water sources.

  • Fracking in its current form is not considered safe by our party and therefore is to be strongly opposed.

  • Mining business need to be majority Australian owned and operated.

  • Strict environmental processes must be adhered to protect Australian assets.

  • An environmental Bond must be paid to cover the cost rehabilitation cost for the end use rehabilitated plan.

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