National Disability Insurance Scheme

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Disability The Beginning Of Ability 

A person in a wheel chair 1a

Not all disabilities are visible!

Many in our communities have disabilities and deserve understanding and assistance to be as able to do all they wish to be able to do. It is the job of the community to care for the more vulnerable in our communities. Many of the people with disabilities are very vulnerable in many areas, while others will only have a small area of vulnerability nevertheless we who can assist the more vulnerable must do all we can to so do. Some disabilities mean there are some expensive items needed for the person to be able to live a reasonable life. This may mean wheelchairs, home help, personal help, transport assistance, medication, medical and associated assistance all these things and more are expensive. This is why a scheme was established to assist in the funding of these special needs. This scheme needs to be well funded and well managed with the view that as much as the person himself/herself can that they manage their own affairs.

A person in a wheel chair a

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Concerns needing to be addressed: 


  • That an established and manageable long term funding arrangement be put into place
  • That it not be privatized though it must be run efficiently
  • That it not become impersonal to the differing and individual needs of each person.
  • That people with disabilities over the age of 65 become included in the system to the extent of their disability
  • That continual consultation with a range of people with disabilities so that the effectiveness be continually updated.
  • That the assistance include more than the management of the disability but also assist in the social inclusion of the person with the disability.
  • That decisions related to public transport and public venues and public space take into consideration the real needs of the people with disabilities.